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How I personally stay grateful

You can’t just sit on the sofa and think positively and then have things come your way. I mean, you’ve got to take SOME action to make things happen.

But sometimes, focusing on what to DO next means that you have to keep track of what’s going on.

I’ve noticed in the past couple of years that when I use the tool I’m about to share with you, I make a LOT more money and get a LOT more opportunities coming my way because I actually keep track of things and NOTICE what’s coming in.

Here’s what I mean.

When you remember what we said earlier about how the Universe is the one orchestrating people, circumstances and events, essentially rearranging itself to answer your intentions, sending you these happy coincidences, these opportunities and other ‘signs’, then it’s important for you to keep track of them.

So, I decided to keep track of it all and to actually CELEBRATE and record each sign, each new client, each opportunity, each hint or bit of intuition.

Because if I didn’t, it would be fleeting and then I’d wonder why I wasn’t getting the answers.

So, each morning, I take the special spiral notebook that I keep on my desk next to my printer, and I write down all the successes I’m having that day, as they happen.

I start it in the morning, first thing, as I sip my coffee, and I continue it into the day until it’s time to shut down my office.

The page heading is:

Acknowledge Your Successes

Here’s what I wrote in the last day:

1) Thank you, Universe! Last night, as I was sleeping, a woman purchased my Home Study System in full as well as a copy of my book! Woohoo! I am so grateful that the word continues to spread. Thank you!

2) We got an email this morning from [investment company] saying they

were sending the quarterly earning checks this week. Thank you, Universe!

3) I just signed up a brand new client to start tomorrow! Hurray! Thank you, Universe!

4) I just got an email from my staff telling me someone has just contacted me for a HUGE joint venture! Thank you!

5) I just had a great meeting with my mastermind group and they gave me the answer to what I should write about in my special report! I’m so grateful for this insight. Thank you!

6) I sold 5 home study systems today! YAY!

7) I am almost finished with the new special report I’m writing! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share this with people! Thank you for allowing me to do just what I love to do.

You can include anything. Opportunities, new money coming in, the fact that you finished writing this week’s newsletter, anything. It can be about progress, insights, hints, whatever, as long as you keep track of it. I try to write at least 10 items per day (it makes you look for even more little opportunities and pay attention to them) but do at least 5.

Notice how I threw in a healthy dose of gratitude with each line. I’m liberal with exclamation points, with the word “woohoo” and “hurray”, because it feels good when I write it and when I read it back at the end of the day, before I leave my office. It’s authentic to who I am and how I speak. But it’s also a way to be grateful for all the things I DO have, all the signs that come my way.

Because what you pay attention to, what you focus on, what you’re grateful for, you get more of.

So while you’re keeping track, be grateful at the same time.

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