How I now work from home with 3 kids

Having all three of my children home at all hours of the day for the foreseeable future is not something I ever expected to happen. You may be in the same boat. 

I know so many mothers who are struggling to juggle everything right now and I admit…it was certainly an adjustment for me (and Derek), too.

But I did what I do with every other challenge that presents itself, and shifted my mindset to see it as something that’s happening FOR me rather than TO me. Here’s how I pivoted. Hope you find this useful:

If you know me, you know that I’m a big champion of systematizing everything. 

Systems create ease…especially GOOD systems that take care of themselves. Here are the systems that I’ve put in place since our cocooning time began (they might just inspire you to create some of your own systems, too):

First, set up the kids for success:

  1. Train them ahead of time that mommy’s work is important
  2. Create a set schedule with them that they will follow every day
  3. Give them a chance to give input into their schedule and they will feel it’s not just you imposing it on them
  4. Discuss with them how to create a balance between 1) learning, 2) having fun, 3) being offline
  5. Build in times for Being and not just Doing (family game time)
  6. If you have limited electronics, do a schedule for each and pass around the electronics so they each have access to it according to the schedule
  7. Find ways to be next to the little ones so they feel supported (do reading while they do reading, do work while they do homework)

Next, use the time you have for maximum productivity:

  1. Use Asana to organize your own tasks
  2. Prioritize money-generating or exponential growth activities
  3. Check in with yourself or someone else to see what the top 3 activities are
  4. Schedule these in your calendar and set an alarm
  5. Be kind to yourself
  6. Make time to implement, even if you have only an hour during the kids’ nap
  7. Know that you won’t get it all done the way it would have been “normally” and that’s OK.

This system is working pretty well! Granted, some days are better than others. But I can honestly say that we as a family are feeling truly grateful for this time together, and I’m working ON my business a lot more than I usually do.

At the dinner table every night, we as a family list 5 things each that we’re grateful for about this time of cocooning. This really helps us all keep a positive mindset and stay in faith through these uncertain times. 

If you’re now working at home with kids, I want you to think about what systems could you put in place to create more structure and ease in your day, so you can keep working on pivoting your business.

Because now is truly an AMAZING time to work ON your business.

Let’s make sure that you’re set up for success so you can make the most of this time if you want to.

Oh, and by the way, here’s Oliver’s Fake-ation Schedule, as I mentioned in the video, in case it helps you with your own kids: 

Oliver vacation Schedule

730-8 Breakfast/Make bed/Clean room
8-9 Adventure Academy
9-10 Choice: PS4/Brawl Stars
10-11 Homework
11-12 Choice: IXL/Coding/Khan Academy
12-1 Lunch
1-2 Family Game
2-3 Dancing or Facetime with a friend
3-4 TV time
4-5 Nap time
5-6 Drawing
6-7 Shower/Set table
7-7:30 Chess in kitchen while Mama makes dinner
7:30 to 8:15 Dinner (quick break at 8 for clapping on balcony)
8:15-8:30 Clear table/reset table for the next day
8:30-9:15 Family movie (watch 1/2, finish the next day) 
9:15 Bedtime

Sending you lots of love.

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