How I ask for divine guidance daily (here’s what I say)

So in today’s video, I want to share something that really works for me when I’m needing some direction and clarity. As someone who’s been at this a long time, I can assure you that…

It’s normal to feel lost in your business. 
It’s normal, when you’re in isolation, to wonder what your next move should be.
It is normal to doubt yourself, to wonder what your next step should be.
It is absolutely not unusual to have no clue what action to take next.

And yes, it’s important to seek out mentors and read books and talk to other people and, and, and…

I mean, I run a powerful business coaching company, this is what we do, right? 

Yes, and…I also want to remind you that, within you, you have a compass. Within you, you have a direct channel to the most accurate advice that you could find. 

Watch this video now to see how I use that resource myself and how I invite our many hundreds of members to do the same when they’re open to it: 

Part of what we do in our business program, believe it or not, is to actually also help people to tune in to their inner compass and get divine guidance from within. 

Yes, for business and for making money! (I know, we are not the usual boring business program.)

There is no reason why you should not think that you can apply intuition and spiritual principles to your business. 

I’ve been doing it for more than 20 years, and I actually think it’s one of the reasons I’ve gotten to where I am so far…and why I will likely reach where I’m going next. 

Because while I invest in myself significantly by getting lots of support, lots of mentorship, lots of guidance, by doing lots of reading, I also go within and connect with my intuition and ask for guidance. This is actually what I say:

“God, Universe, Archangel Michael, the Goddess, the All That Is, please guide my thoughts. Please show me what you’d like for me to do next.” 

And then once I know what that is, I seek out advice from the person who’s already done it and I work with them, I hire them, I study them. 

It’s the ‘pray and move your feet’ concept that I talk about, where, 1) You ask for divine guidance for your business, and then, 2) You get the practical advice that you need from a mentor or a training that will help you make it happen. 

The inner compass is real, it’s within you. You simply turn within and listen hard. 

Lots of love! xo 

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