How Barbara tripled her revenue in 18 months since joining us

My wish for you today is that Barbara’s inspiring story about tripling her revenue with us will show you that it’s absolutely possible to create a thriving and successful business.

And that you can do it easily, with the right help, despite being new to your business or having fierce competition.

Ready? Watch this:

Barbara is a Residential Real Estate Broker in Brooklyn, New York and helps people sell and buy homes.

Here’s a little bit of what she shared during our conversation:

“When I first started, I had no idea how to attract clients, no clue.

I had started out on a team as an assistant. They quickly took me on as a broker, but then I decided I wanted to go out on my own. My business is very competitive, and brokers do not share how they get their clients. So, it was really like, ‘Somebody please help me!’ I wanted someone to show me where to find these clients. I needed to grow my pipeline immediately.

In order to make money, you have to spend money.

Being a less seasoned and younger broker, I know I have to put out the money first. I also believe in a spiritual sense that it’s leading by example. If I invest in myself, people will want to invest in me. What goes around comes around. To me, finding the Boldheart Business program was like, ‘Oh my god, this is the answer I was looking for, I didn’t even know this existed!’

I went into the Growth Track, and applied a couple of the tools Boldheart gave me. One of the tools changed my life in terms of my business. After six months and lots of clients later, I ended up moving right into the Leverage Track to learn how to scale my business further…

After a year and six months in the program, I tripled my income.”

Barbara TRIPLED her income, even though her business was brand new when she started with us…

Even though she’s in a super competitive industry, and she’s young and less seasoned than many other brokers…

Even though people in her industry simply DON’T triple their businesses from scratch.

High five, Barbara (seriously).

Here’s another thing that really stood out to me in our video chat…

Building your dream business can – and dare I say should – be fun!

Like Barbara shared about what’s it’s like to be in our program

“It’s just so much fun…we laugh, we talk about mindset, we talk about our lives and how it intertwines with the business. And there are so many people I can relate to. I feel safe being really honest about what’s going on with me and my business, and it’s just a very comfortable environment.

At the live meetings I can share my success with the other members, which makes me hustle in between meetings because I want to show that I created something awesome. We’re all in it together and we’re bouncing off each other. It’s exciting to celebrate everybody’s results.”

If you’re reading closely, sweet friend, you will surely see…

The Boldheart Business program produces real results (even when the odds are against you, as was the case for Barbara).

Our community gives people the support they need to grow and the mindset to achieve success.

Yes, it’s work, and yet we make the process fun, so you WANT to do it.

Yes, the program is an investment, and yet you make the money back in the form of new clients (so for many, the program ends up being “free” over time).

Listen, if you’re ready to stop trying to figure it out on your own and you want to triple your revenue like Barbara did, let’s chat (at no charge).

We want to hear about your situation, understand what’s not working (or not working fast enough) and what’s getting in the way, and then come up with a game plan together.

This free strategy call is yours to experience at no charge. It’s a chance to explore what it’s like to be in the program, and what your results could be when you finally have the right recipe to follow, with the right guidance, accountability and encouragement.

Tired of going at it alone?

=> Let’s connect on the phone (watch my video invitation here).

Can’t wait to celebrate you too.


P.S. If we’re not the right fit for you, that’s totally okay…but if you’ve been sitting on the fence about working together (like some Boldheart Business members who spent years following me and regret not having reached out sooner), I want to give you some tough love and ask…

…What are you (really) waiting for?

The time and energy spent on indecision could be put towards creating $$$ and results.

If this loving wake up call speaks to you…reach out and book your free strategy session with us today.

Talk soon. You rock.


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