How to FEEL and grow rich

Though we often talk here about strategic things like marketing techniques and plans for growing your business, today I’d like to take a different tack and talk about your…


Yes, how are you feeling today? (It’s important you know if you want better results.)

We’re not talking about emotions and feelings in a mushy kind of way, but about your personal vibration, as it relates to your business results.

In fact, this week’s new 5-minute video explains it all (definitely don’t miss this one because underestimating this important aspect can actually be very costly):

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Fabienne, what does my energy have to do with my business results?” And to that, I say EVERYTHING. (It’s proven by science.)

Low vibration = low/bad results

High vibration = high/great results

Essentially, FEEL and grow rich.

After you watch this video, please write me in the comments below and let me know: how are you feeling right now about your business, high or low? (Be honest!) What will you do to increase your personal energy to one of faith, appreciation and positivity?

It really matters, as you’ll see in the video.

Thanks for reading and here’s to increasing your results, dramatically.

Love you, more than you know,

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  1. I notice that on days when I have a focused and aware go with the flow attitude I have the most amazing results in attracting the people that I am looking for. This attitude is positive and allows me to be strong but flexible. I know what I am looking for, Im willing to listen, and I also know how to not spend great amounts of time with opportunities that may be good but not what I am looking for. If I had this all the time in my business I would be virtually unstoppable and the results I had would shatter anything even I thought was possible.

  2. I am getting a better, however we have had to take a slightly different tack with We initially wanted to have a member baed site where the members paid a fee to belongso that we didn’t need to have advertising on the site. The site would just be populated with FTT professionals. I have found through research and conversations that no one wants to pay for anything on the internet. So we are having to begin to learn the world of selling advertising. Decided that I am going to ask the universe to send to me a young web savy advertising major just out of school who is passionalte about fresh food and sustainable lifestyle. I am going to learn from them and they inturn are going to learn from me. I still love my idea and confident that it can work. I now just need to fund it in a different fashion.
    Thank you for your words. They are encouraging and intuative. It is nice to be able to tell myself what I need.

  3. “Feel and grow rich”….I love, love, love that! Thank you so much Fabienne for this reminder. Since I have come across the Abraham Hicks teachings, I have been practising this very subject that you talk about in your video on a daily basis.The first thing I do every morning when I wake up, is to tune into how I am feeling and “pre seed” my day. Whenever I feel stressed, tensed, anxious or overwhelmed about my business, I press my “internal pause button”, I take a deep breath and reset my vibes by asking myself “what would I love to feel and experience instead”? I use EFT tapping to change and raise my vibration and from that better feeling place, I take my inspired actions. So yes, I agree completely: high vibrations equal high results and I do everything I can to be in those higher vibrations longer and longer that it is becomes second nature to me.

  4. This is so true! And I’m in “synchronicity city” right now because last week I got an amazing reading from a friend who helped me shift something within myself about my self-belief around my business. My feeling and vibration changed to something more positive and immediately I started to see more action in my business! My raw food courses filled up and I got 2 coaching enquiries! Thanks for the clarification Fabienne. Brilliant as usual :) x

  5. When I “feel” upbeat about my business, it’s exhilarating. “Next steps” come naturally, I slip into the productive zone Fabienne talks about and sometimes I can’t seem to move fast enough to get the work done in a good way. it’s much like the surge of energy many exercisers experience when known as an endorphin rush. The way I’ve personally “get there” in the past…especially on days when I am little off my game is to visualize one of my past client’s joys of breaking through an issue after meeting with me. I truly believe if I commit to implementing this exercise of visualizing the tangible results others experience in working with me, my “feelings” can’t help but flow more powerfully and often in the right direction within. Thanks for reading this!

  6. I feel great about being an entrepreneur and love what I do. I feel so grateful for how blessed I am. I am a very spiritual person and my work is an extension of who I am, and how I want to spend my limited time on this planet. I can see what was holding me back in the past – all the doubts, fears, anxiety and judgements about money, marketing and sales. I love learning, and learning to operate from a place of abundance has been the greatest gift from my teachers like you and John Assaraf. I look forward to the financial rewards and abundance coming my way. Thank You!

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