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How (and why) I build feminine time in my business day

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Feminine time is a concept that we don’t talk about enough. As a woman running a business in a world ruled by masculine energy (but we’re about to change that) must understand how and why is it so important to build feminine time in a business day. 

Today I want to talk about something I’ve learned along the way, and it has made a huge difference for me in both my business and my life: 

Immediate gratification is not only self-sabotage, it is incongruent for a business owner who wants to grow to seven figures. 

Perhaps you don’t necessarily have the ambition to go to seven figures…maybe you would feel happy to get to multiple six figures or gain your life back (or both)? But what I know for sure is that focusing on urgent tasks is not going to grow your business. 

If you have been working long hours, haven’t scheduled vacations or spent as much time as you would have liked with your family, giving up your evenings and weekends to work, you may just be so tired that the idea of scaling your business just doesn’t sound good. 

I completely understand, but it truly doesn’t have to be this way, my sweet friend. I’ve been there, and so have many of the thousands of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with over the years in our program. They too were able to get their lives back while growing their businesses, with our help.

One of the ways I started to get my life back from my business (while still growing it) was to recognize that my own self-sabotage looked like me stealing what I call ‘being’ time, feminine time,  until I realized that instead of doing that, I could actually schedule it. 

What I did to get over it was to break out my time. 

There is masculine energy in the business, which is about ‘doing’ and ‘hustling’ and getting things done. Then there is the feminine energy or ‘being’ feminine time; we need both to be successful in business.

We all have feminine energy and masculine energy and the need for both. I’ve learned that if you schedule your ‘being time’, you get your needs met. Get that masculine energy when you need to get things done, and enjoy unapologetically some feminine time: you need them both.

For me, ‘being’ feminine time is my fuel. I need to feel free, to have time to just be in order to increase my fulfillment. So it could be journaling, reading, learning. It could be a personal growth course, meditation, a yoga class, even a conversation with a friend. 

Before I scheduled it into a daily time breakout, I would steal this time throughout the day or stay in overwhelm. Now I have this blocked off in my schedule and this is my time now. 

Create a Daily Time Breakout

I recommend you sit down and write out a schedule for how you use your time throughout the day. Grab your journal or a blank piece of paper and mark out time periods for each hour of your day. When would you allow yourself some feminine time ?

Create an allotted time in your business schedule for that feminine time, ‘being’ energy, and masculine ‘doing’ energy. I find this gives a sense of balance and variety. 

Doing this gives you time to be accountable to your business, while also giving you a way to get your needs for downtime met as well. 

If you would like more ways to find balance, get your life back and stop giving your clients too much time? We would love to help. Just reach out to one of my heart-centered strategy coaches for a free business audit and Needs Analysis today, and we’ll see if we are a good fit. They’re here, waiting to meet you. 

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