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How affirmations set the tone for your success

How affirmations set the tone for your successIf you are working to attract clients and create a positive mindset, affirmations will help get you there. What a difference they can make! In case you aren’t familiar with this mindset technique, an affirmation is a positive statement about a goal you want to achieve, written in the present tense as if it is happening right now.

The First Step is to Write Your Affirmations
You want to craft a series of positive statements about the goals you wish to accomplish. For example, you might write about your business:
• I attract clients easily and my business is flourishing and growing
• This year my income will reach $___ or higher (be specific!)
• I find the ideal virtual assistant who will help my business grow

You might also write a few for your personal life:
• I feel energetic and excited today.
• Good things come easily to me.
• I love my life, my family and my home.

Affirmations Need to Be Positive
Make sure these statements are written about what you want to attract or feel versus what you don’t want. For example, you want to avoid affirmations like: “In the future, I don’t attract clients who can’t afford my fee.” This sentence has two things working against it:
1) Putting the time frame out into the future vs. making it about now
2) Talking about what you don’t want instead of what you do want.

Here’s how to turn this statement around so that it will work for you:
“I attract ideal clients who pay my fee easily and get great results working with me.”

These positive statements set you up energetically with an optimistic outlook about what you want. For affirmations to work, you need to repeat them on a regular basis so they get into your subconscious mind, which is the place where all manifesting originates.

Use Affirmations Twice a Day
I recommend working with affirmations at least twice a day. In the morning after waking, you are in this foggy place where you can bypass the conscious mind and go straight to the subconscious. The other ideal time is at night when you are fading before falling asleep. Both times give you access to that part of your brain.

Try Positive Expectations
In addition, I also hold positive expectations during the day. One of my favorites is “I am positively expecting great results no matter what I see in front of me.” I have that posted everywhere in my house and office so it has worked its way into my subconscious as well. This is a powerful tool for shifting your mindset and creating the results you desire.

Your The Leveraged Business Assignment
Have you created your affirmations yet? If not, take time right now to get started. Even a few positive statements can have a wonderful impact on your business to attract clients.

You can write them every day, read what you have written daily or speak them out loud to yourself. Take a moment at the end to express your gratitude for these statements coming true.

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