How to Host Your Own Introductory Event

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One of the questions that I get very often is, “Fabienne, how do you host your own introductory event? What is necessary and how do you promote it and all that good stuff?”

This is a very good question because one of the fastest ways to attract lots of clients is through your introductory event.  Or, perhaps you have plenty of clients but you’d like to scale your business models or leverage your business.  Introductory events can be very good for that too.

The reason these work so well is that instead of just talking one-to-one you’re talking one-to-many.  When you can give high content plus high value for a minimal price point, people who are somewhat interested in working with you will come out to see you.  If you’ve done everything correctly and if they are the ideal people, they will raise their hand and say, “Yes, I would like to work with you further.”

Many, many years ago I used to do a 3-hour introductory event the last Wednesday of every month. Every single time I walked away with four, five, six new clients.  It is well worth it.

So here are the 4 components you’ll need for a successful introductory event. This formula worked for me and will work for you too.

1. Think about your content. You really want to map that out.  If you’re a student of my Client Attraction system, you know that we talk about creating a step-by-step proprietary system of all of your information. This is something that you can share during your introductory event as a sampling of what you offer.

2. Work on your compelling story. How did you get to do what you are doing today?  That is something that you are going to weave into your event. 

3. Share client case studies and testimonials. Your attendees will want to hear about the success that your clients have experienced.

4. Present your call to action. Let your audience know what to do next.

All four components work together to give your audience all that they need to make the decision on whether they want to work with you or not. Hopefully, they will.

Another important point is to make this a regular event. That could mean you host one once a quarter or once a year.  I like the idea of once a month.

Make sure that you charge for it. If you don’t people will say they’re coming but they won’t.  There’s no skin in the game.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of money.  For my first introductory event I charged $20.  And I’ve charged as much as $95.  Anywhere within that range is good.  You can start small and then go up from there, but the key is to collect something. Even if it’s just breaking even when considering the rental cost for the room, supplies, etc.  When your attendees pay, there’s a commitment coming from them.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Your assignment is to pick a date within the next few weeks.  Just commit to it right now, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night.  Pick a date.

Pick a time during the day or in the evening that you’re going to do your intro event and start letting people know about it.  Put it out to your ezine.  Share it on social media.  Create fliers and invite folks from your networking groups to come and see you.

Then, work on all of your other materials that we talked about.  Come up with your call to action and get going with this because this is a great way to get more clients and to leverage your marketing so that you’re not just working at your marketing one-to-one.  And be sure to let me know your results. Good luck!

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