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Hiring the Wrong People? 4 Ways to Fix This

Do you struggle with delegating and even just hiring the right people? You are not alone.

I recently received a note from a woman who asked for advice on hiring and wondered if she was a bad manager. The truth is, she wasn’t a bad manager, and neither are you.

You probably just need to adjust your approach to hiring and delegating

If you’re like most people in business, you might feel like you need to hire someone immediately when you have a problem in your business. But that’s not always the best approach.

Instead of finding the first person available, it’s essential to be strategic about how you hire.

The key is to hire slowly and fire quickly. But how do you do that? Here are four steps to look for when hiring, the ones we teach in our signature program so you can scale your business, while getting your life back (the first two are “obvious” and the last two are where well-intentioned business owners make the most mistakes):

Criteria 1: Skillset

The first thing to consider when evaluating a candidate for any position is that person’s skill set. Do they already know how to do the job you need them to do? It’s essential to find someone who has the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the role. Avoid picking someone who might not know what they’re doing just because you like them.

Criteria 2: Experience

The second thing to evaluate is their level of experience. Have they done this type of work before? For how long? Depending on the position you’re hiring for, you may need someone with many years of experience rather than someone who is straight out of school. A bonus is if they can bring knowledge you don’t have yet, based on years of doing it elsewhere.

Criteria 3: Wiring

Every person has a different way of processing information and making decisions. Some people are “improvisers”, while others are more thorough in how they do things. Are they wired to be process-driven, people-driven, or sales-driven? Do they tend to finish everything they start and can be counted on, or do they need lots of accountability to get things done? Assessing someone’s wiring by using assessments in hiring is a crucial step in the hiring process, one we teach all of our members to use in every hiring decision.

Criteria 4: Culture fit

Finally, it’s essential to consider if the person will fit into your business’s culture. Does their personality, values, and work ethic align with yours? Will they be an extension of your brand in client facing situations? Within Boldheart, we have a very particular culture and every Team member is hired as an extension of me and our brand values and thinks in terms of WWFD (What Would Fabienne Do?) This allows you to let go of the control in your business and delegate with more trust.

By following these four steps, you will find that you build a team that you can trust, and because they’re perfectly wired to do well in their role, they are happier and stay loyal to you and your company.

Additionally, when you’ve hired the right person, delegating becomes more comfortable, and you won’t have as many issues. If you are looking for more inspiration, go watch how our members have grown their business by following our Boldheart Hiring Process.

Perhaps you know that you need better help to scale your business but you’re struggling with delegating and hiring the right people. This is normal and you’re not alone.

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