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Here’s what Alionka did… (wow)

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Want to be completely inspired to turn your previous year’s revenues into your current monthly revenues, with more vacation?

Then I highly recommend that you watch this week’s video, because it is a great one.

Alionka did indeed turn her yearly income into her monthly income, and what I love most about her is…well…watch the video and see for yourself. It’s just about 7 minutes long and it is soooo worth watching the whole thing because the best part is at the end 🙂

Watch it now:

Alionka captures the essence of why we do what we do here at Boldheart. She is clearly an articulate woman with a big mission in this world. And now, she has the very real opportunity to step into her future as a world-class coach and transformational leader. (I see this for you Alionka!)

But previously, she lacked the confidence and the crucial ability to market herself authentically and confidently, speaking to those she serves about what she does. Because of this, for years, she used to experience something I see happen all of the time to folks before they join us in Boldheart Business:

She started to think she wasn’t a very good coach.

And what a shame it would have been for her to continue believing that and give up.

Alionka waited a year to join us, something she regrets very much.

But then, she realized that she was going to somehow end up spending the money anyway, so why not spend it on the means to be successful in her career, which has recurring returns unlike anything else she would have spent it on?

And so she finally made the commitment she needed to make for herself and wow, just wow!

The video says it all.

How long have you been waiting to jump on board and experience new results?

If 2017 is your year…

If it is YOUR time…

If you know deep down that you’re amazing at what you do, but you also know you need big support to turn it into a profitable business (and join Alionka on vacation as you build it)…

Schedule your call with one of our Strategy Coaches today. It’s free to talk to a coach.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, literally.

Here’s to your breakout year,

P.S. My jaw still drops when I hear her say in today’s video that she used to make $300 a year, and then only $13,000 a year. And yet, I’m not surprised because this is what we do here…over and over again. Because 1) we provide you with the proven recipe for success; 2) we surround you with accountability; 3) we give you a loving community so you don’t ever feel alone in your business again; and 4) we believe in you. Once you have this, you create new results here that you wouldn’t have believed possible for yourself in the past.

Is this something you want? Then be bold enough to take the first step by talking to one of our caring strategy coaches to map out your future. After that, you can decide whether we’re the ones to help you get there, OK?

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