Here’s how to reuse & repurpose your marketing

Repurpose your marketing if you are dreaming of making more without actually marketing more! If that’s you, then, you’re going to love today’s strategic advice…

Yes, you can actually get 2X to 10X the number of clients and customers you have now, which then leads to 2X to 10X the revenues you have now (like our members do) without working 10X the time. (and fall in love with marketing again)

Below, I’ve got the recipe to get you there – but first, understand that you absolutely must leverage your visibility and this starts with a mindset shift I teach in our signature program. Here’s the gist of it:

You can no longer keep yourself or your company a secret. To make a big leap forward, you must get out there in a big way, much bigger than you are now.

Repurpose your marketing, it is about being everywhere. Omnipresent.

Before you say “But Fabienne, I can’t possibly be everywhere, there’s only ONE of me. I don’t have a huge marketing budget either…and I’m absolutely tight on time…” let me explain:

It doesn’t actually require you to be everywhere, working harder. No.

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If you haven’t yet acquired a lot more clients or customers, you’re likely experiencing a combination of obscurity and anonymity.

In other words, you’re in the dark and people don’t know about you yet.

So yes, to scale your business much further, you must become omnipresent, so that people feel like they’re seeing you everywhere. But omnipresence has two meanings:

a) Being present everywhere at all times (really hustling to be seen everywhere you can)


b) Appearing to be everywhere, simultaneously (this is preferable, as it helps you not work as much).

What makes the difference is the appearance of you being everywhere.

If you want to 10X your revenue, it’s all about repurposing your marketing with systems and some different evergreen marketing tools so that your potential clients feel that you are everywhere.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to seemingly be everywhere, even if you’re just sitting on your sofa at home.

And how do you create and distribute enough marketing material for a plan like this?

Bigger visibility is not about using more of you. It’s about leveraging your existing content.  

I’m not talking about creating new content every minute of the day (of course, you’ll create some new content along the way; I do too). Instead, it requires leveraging by reusing and recycling what you have now and easily capturing new content from your day-to-day actions.

Use what you have, but also document what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis.

Are you working with your clients? Document that (in video form, in a social post, in an email or blog post).

Are you speaking on stage? Share what you spoke about once you’re backstage, so others can benefit from it. 

Are you working on your book? Read from your manuscript, to get people engaged and excited to read your book when it comes out, or to hire you even before your book comes out. 

The most important thing is to just get started. Capture what you’re working on. Every day.  

Then, have your team members edit and repurpose your content to make hundreds of social media and marketing assets to share across every platform imaginable. Voilà – omnipresence.

I get that this can feel overwhelming when you first hear of it. That’s normal.

When we teach this to our members, they wonder if they can actually create hundreds of media and marketing assets in a leveraged way. Until we show them how. Then, they really get it and most importantly, they get going on their own marketing omnipresence. So easy.

If you’re not yet sure where to start with leveraging your marketing, not ready to be seen ‘everywhere’, the work involved feels overwhelming, confusing, or you’re unsure how something like this applies to your business, it’s OK. We are here to help. Let’s chat.

This is exactly what we help all kinds of business owners with in our signature program, to guide you to scale your business to 10K, then 20K, 50K or 100K a month, while removing yourself from the day-to-day to gain your evenings, weekends and freedom back.

Book a time for us to talk now; sooner rather than later. You can have it all, and we will show you how.

When we talk together, we’ll simply want to hear about your current situation, map out a plan with you to get you back in control of your business and then show you how you can scale, while you make more, working less, using our process. It’s helped tens of thousands of women entrepreneurs before you. It works.

This could just be the one conversation that changes everything for you.

Let’s get you to grow, without working more,

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