Her husband's life-changing diagnosis (watch what happened next)

WOW. Chills are running up and down my body as I watch this week’s incredible video.

What would you do if your husband got diagnosed with a brain tumor and couldn’t work anymore? What would you do next if your proverbial house was burning?

Would you crumble? Give up? Sink into despair?

Martha did the opposite. She invested in the Boldheart Business program and hustled like she’d never hustled before. For her kids, for her husband, for herself.

Watch what happened next (I dare you not to feel completely inspired about your own situation, whatever you’re going through, especially after seeing Martha’s 66% increase in income in just one year since joining us):

Listen, I get it. Investing in ourselves is always a big decision and requires us to take a leap of faith. (For me too.)

We dive off into the unknown, not knowing what will happen, praying that the risk will pay off.

Martha did what very few people would do. She decided to take a leap of faith when the going got tough.

She booked a free strategy call with us, and while her husband was in the ICU, she went to the hospital chapel to ask for divine guidance about whether she should join the Boldheart Business program.

The divine answer was yes, as she said in the video.

Even though she didn’t have the full payment for the program.

Even though the pressure was on.

Even though her life as she knew it was changing around her.

The thing about investing in ourselves is that the return is always more than what we expect.

For Martha, it was a whopping 66% increase in revenues in just one year. But it wasn’t just about the money for her:

“I’ve gotten my feminine back. Joy has come back into my life. I’m a better mom. And my marriage has massively improved.”

Oh, I know how hard it is to make this kind of investment, especially if things at home are challenging. But Martha is living proof that the risk pays off in so many ways.

How might your life take a dramatic turn for the better if you took the leap of faith and decided to have a free strategy call with us like Martha did?

How would life be different if you had the right recipes to follow for growing your business quickly? How would you take more action if you had a community of other Boldhearted women business owners (and a few good men) at your back, supporting you and cheering you on?

How would life be different if you finally said yes to the Boldheart Business program?

If you want to explore this with us, reach out now so we can chat.

I’ve been waiting to work with you.

Yes, you can overcome,

P.S. What was it exactly that made Martha say yes to the Boldheart Business program, over all of the other coaching programs she talked to over a period of 6 months?

The answer is simple: our authenticity and loving community. She knew she didn’t want to go it alone, and you don’t have to either.

Take the first step with us and book a free strategy session with one of my loving coaches.

See you on the other side, love.


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