Hello world, meet the real Fabienne

May I be really (truly) honest with you today and bare my soul a bit?

I’ve been hiding my real self from you.

The kind of hiding where I didn’t even really know I was doing it. I was simply doing things the way that they’ve always been done. But, deep down in my soul, I knew that I’ve been holding back my real self from you and I can see it now.

Because last week, I was lovingly reminded that I (just like you) am someone who is meant to shine even brighter. And share even more. And teach even more deeply. And inspire you in an even bigger way. SO…

You’ll be seeing more of me. I don’t mean more videos or emails. I mean… More of ME.

Unplugged. From the heart. My soul to your soul. Today, I’m sharing a Facebook Live that I hosted this week. It’s all about falling deeply in love with Marketing. In fact, I make the case that marketing is a Divine Tool, that when used with integrity, creates ripples of good around the planet.

This is not your usual 5-minute video. It’s all of me, and therefore, it’s an hour. If you’ve ever wanted to know the “real” me, and you want to learn how to grow your business exponentially by being who you really are, unapologetically, then it’s a must watch, even if you only have 5 minutes:

But if you’ve struggled with getting yourself out there, or if, like me, you’ve been unconsciously (or consciously) hiding, then you’ve got to let the message of today’s video sink in fully. The contents of today’s video have the potential to change the course of your life forever.

What we do here as business owners is about so much more than business. We are growing our souls. Having the courage to create a business is an extraordinary thing. We take risks. We come up against our fears and beliefs. We must dig deep and rely on ourselves to show up, create and produce in a way, frankly, that those who are employed…just don’t. (They have no idea how much it takes to be you and me.)

Marketing is the engine that allows us to do this effectively. Marketing is the bridge that connects us to the people who need us, who are up in the night struggling with the very thing that we can help them solve.

As I share in the replay of the livestream, marketing has a bad rap. And for good reason: just like any powerful tool, it can be used to spread darkness. But this is an even bigger reason that we Boldhearts must harness the power of authentic marketing to shine the light.

Yes, this is a spiritual message. It may be more woo-woo than you’re used to hearing in these blog posts from me.

This, my love, is me…not hiding.

Will you join me?

So. Much. Love.


P.S. I so believe in what you are capable of, that you’ll see me make a heartfelt invitation in this video for you to reach out and join us as a Boldheart. As always, it’s an invitation for you to step into your potential for greatness. It’s not for everyone, of course, but it may just be for you.

If you are at all inspired from the replay of the Livestream, now watch this short video invitation from me and let’s talk. We want to find out more about you, and just maybe, we can help. Schedule your call here.

P.P.S. Go ahead and share this quote:

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

Perhaps we should talk?

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  1. Very personal, thank you Fabienne. “It is your spiritual obligation to become big”. This struck me. A friend was was just telling me- why have you not advertised earlier- you would have saved me so much trouble. I love your videos and watch them from Poland. You are a file changer :).

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