Heidi’s whopping 91% revenue growth in just 6 months

Do you ever get a little bit skeptical when you hear about solo business owners making a lot more money in a very short period of time? I mean, is that stuff actually REAL?

If that “are you serious?” skepticism has ever crossed your mind, and you wonder if you too can double your revenues in less than a year, then you have got to watch Heidi’s inspiring story now.

OK, let me set the stage here. Heidi is a straight-shooting, straight-talking “No B.S.” New Yorker at heart. She doesn’t believe in unicorn-and-rainbows stories of growth, and yet she wanted to grow her business, but she just didn’t know how.

She was frustrated and totally overwhelmed in her pet care business. Then, a member of Boldheart Business told her to check us out, and after reluctantly joining us, Heidi went from feeling seriously skeptical to a whopping 91% revenue increase in six months. Watch this:

How do you mix spinning your wheels, being frankly unhappy, and yet wanting someone to tell you how to be successful and give you the instruction manual?

Taking that leap of faith wasn’t easy for Heidi, but she knew that she couldn’t keep running her business the way she had always run it.

Enter Boldheart Business.

At first, Heidi walked into her first experience with us and thought she’d walked into a happy cult.

“What Kool-Aid are these people drinking? How are these people so happy to be working on their businesses together? Is all of this real? Is Fabienne actually for real? Does this Boldheart Business thing even WORK? What if it doesn’t?”

Six months later, she was so relieved she took that leap of faith.

She now has a bigger team, administrative help, systems, and a clear direction of how to grow her business. Not to mention exponential revenue growth, doubling her already good 6-figure revenues in just 6 months.

Heidi’s business has changed, yes, but she’s changed too.

She said that she smiles all the time now, when she never used to before. She feels supported. And while she describes herself as “a bit of a loner at home,” at Boldheart she feels like she belongs, knowing that everyone is going through the same things she’s experiencing.

“I will stay here for a long time because this is invaluable.”

The truth is, you can’t get to where you want to go by doing the same thing you’ve always done. This no-nonsense approach is what gets our members to 10K a month, multiple 6-figures and eventually a million in their business (and yes, having fun along the way)!

Could this be the kind of support (and results) you would enjoy having in your life?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and confused (like Heidi felt six months ago), I’d like to invite you to reach out so we can talk.

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We would love to hear more about your situation, what’s getting in the way of the results you want, and help you map out a way to get there.

Don’t be shy. There’s no pressure on our end, truly. If you decide not to join us after our initial exploratory conversation, we know you’ll get immense value from it anyway.

Remember, this strategy call is free. There’s no risk on your end.

I ask you this: Why wait to have a chat with us if you are earnestly looking for help with your business? Why unnecessarily delay the results you want now?

Just raise your hand and let us set up a time to talk…the sooner, the better.
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(Like Heidi, within 6 months, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.)

Go for it,

P.S. Listen, if you knew what to do, you’d be doing it. If you didn’t need help, you’d already have the more successful business you wish for now. Honor that nudging feeling inside and go for it.

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