Having a poolside drink with friends in Toronto

I heard a quote from Charles “Tremendous” Jones that says something like, “Who you will be in 5 years is a direct result of the people you learn from and spend time with, as well as the books you read.” That basically sums up my personal preference to continually learn new growth concepts and then applying them to my business, as well as the importance of spending time with other highly successful people who love growth. My private high-level clients love that I pass on to them the concepts that work so they can grow in massive leaps. That’s why I would never be without at least one mentor making at the very least 10x what I’m making, and neither should you. So, that’s why Derek and I are in Toronto for a couple of days, learning from those making at least 10x what we are and reading the books they do.

Being successfully self-employed is about living an extraordinary lifestyle and you know me, it’s never all work… you’ve got to live life to the fullest. So we joined some good friends for drinks and stunning 360 views of Toronto’s skyline and Lake Ontario at a chic and exclusive rooftop lounge, before heading to dinner at Scarpetta’s. I rarely eat pasta anymore, but the orecchiette with fava beans and fresh mint was unbelievably delicious. I take a no-excuses approach to living well!

Speaking of, this week’s Client Attraction article is all about eliminating excuses. And because I want you to take a No Excuses Approach to your business, I’m making sure you know about my brand new Get More Clients Blueprint. It helps you get several new clients in a matter of days or weeks. If you’ve been searching for answers to growing your business, they’re right here in the form of this step-by-step Blueprint, where I hold your hand throughout the ENTIRE process and at a steal of a deal. If you don’t take action, you risk staying in the exact same place you’re in now, wondering when it will be your turn to make good-money. Instead, turn it all around and join me in the top 5% of business owners. Here’s the way to do it: www.JoinTheTop5Now.com.

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