Hanging out at home with my boys (my favorite place to be)

We have a busy June coming up, with three different Mastermind Groups coming to visit us in Stamford (two new Platinum groups and our new Gold program members) and are gearing up for some amazing Mastermind retreats. So, at the same time, it is really important to spend quality and quantity time with our yummy kids. And that balance is something a lot of people talk to us about, asking, “How do you do it?” Well, for one, we have lots of support at home, and we also make it a point to be FOCUSED: when we are with the kids, we are FULLY with the kids, and when we are working with our high-level clients, we are totally and completely focused on them, not trying to juggle both. (Try it. It is simple but it changes the way you live your whole life.)

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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  1. Fabienne,

    Sooo glad I have found you, well thanks also to my business coach Karen Knowler for recommending you. All your articles are so spot on. I have just watched your sneak peek MMBW event video…WOW!!! learned (and resonated with) so much in just 30mins.
    Can’t wait to start on the Client Attraction Homestudy Course as soon as I return to the UK ( just 2 more months to go) :)))

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