Greetings from Bermuda!

Had a great time on vacation last week! Derek and I made a commitment to ourselves to get away for some “solo time” every 90 days or so. Our strategy is to go away for 3 or 4 days during the workweek while the kids are in their school routines and well taken care of. That way, he and I can have some “alone time” in a beautiful location, rejuvenate, reconnect and just enjoy being together (with three little kids climbing all over us most every day, I think it’s important to not lose focus on our relationship, you know?)

We stayed in a stunning suite at the beautiful Mandorin Oriental at Elbow Beach, an intimate luxury resort on acres of landscaped gardens, with a mile-long private pink sand beach with turquoise blue water. Gorgeous. It was truly magical, and somehow, it felt like we were there for a lot longer than 4 days!

I’d recommend taking some time away for yourself too. (We all need it.)

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  1. I too want to get a business established so I can do just that with my partner, a week long holiday in the sun to reconnect and relax. Course I can’t wait to get the Client Attraction System to help me have a great business that allows me to get away every 90 days!

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