God loves a farmer (you’re gonna love this)

What I’ve learned about you is that you have a big heart.

In today’s video, I have so much inspiration for you, including some help from our friends at Ram Trucks. (I know, you didn’t really expect that, did you?)

People may not know this about you, but you love big. (Am I right?)

And this capacity for big love can turn your business into a colossal success, as my capacity for big love has done to mine.

Because, you can actually pour huge love into your marketing and have an even greater impact than you’re having now with that big heart of yours.

Today I am breaking marketing down for you. But of course, I am doing it The Boldheart Way.

Because you may have misconceptions about what marketing is (or isn’t)…or you’ve learned about marketing “the other way” (the pushy, salesy, icky way)…

…you may have previously been reluctant to do it. Which makes growing your business really, really hard.

Well, today, I’m asking you to write a LOVE LETTER to your ideal client (sorta). Actually, all you have to do is watch a video that I play for ALL my Boldheart Business members. In fact, it’s required curriculum if you want to grow. Ready? Watch this:

That big heart of yours? It’s an asset.

All of the passion you feel for the work that you do and the people you get to help? It’s your biggest strength when it comes to your marketing.

This is exactly what will make your marketing irresistible, magical and client attractive…

…to exactly the people that you are here to serve.

This requires that you have the deepest level of empathy and understanding of your ideal client or profile. Your marketing message becomes so powerful and impactful when you are speaking directly to the experience, aspirations and desires of a person.

This kind of marketing is all about LOVE. And it works.

What I talk about in today’s video allows your ideal clients to feel seen, heard and loved. It relies on emotions, not tactics. And positivity, not pressure.

I want you to get really inspired about this, ok? If Ram Trucks can make its ideal clients feel special, honored, significant and loved, So. Can. You.

Which will land you more clients, make you more money, and grow your business.

All from a place of authenticity, integrity and love.

I love you,

P.S. THIS is how WE do marketing The Boldheart Way. And it’s exactly why it works.

Because people like you, with big hearts, are absolutely revolted and disgusted by marketing that’s not loving.

THIS is what our members embrace and what helps them dramatically grow their business. They say it’s magical, but really, it’s just a proven process for doing things the authentic way. Because really, could you even stand to do it the other way?

Maybe you, too, would like to grow your impact, while feeling amaaaaazing about it. While your people feel so, so loved by you…

Maybe you’d like to stop working so hard to get results…if so, I think we should talk this week. If you would like to explore what it is like to immerse yourself in a community that supports you to grow your business with authenticity, integrity and love…

Reach out to us. We would love to talk to you.

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