Giving out Halloween candy to hundreds of trick-or-treaters with my Spooky Kids

Slowly but surely, we’re getting settled into our new home. I still have trouble finding some things, but that’s part of the game, isn’t it? And although I repeatedly ask the kids not to run in the house, the long hallways make it waaay too tempting for them. The good news is that, with all this space, our newly-walking Oliver has plenty of room to cruise around uninterrupted. One of the ways we made the house our own this past week is decorating it for Halloween. After a round of getting their own candy from our neighbors, the kids helped us put on some spooky music and make “spooky ghosts” out of white napkins, string and cotton balls, and we hung them in the doorway, so the ghosts could gently “fly” in the evening breeze. (Do you see that look on Oliver’s face in this picture? He just wasn’t sure what to make of it all!) As is our yearly tradition, after all the kids were in bed, several n eighbors came over for a roaring bonfire in front of the house. I love this time of year!

I just got back on Friday from a trip to Las Vegas, attending my friend Ali Brown’s Shine conference, and meeting so many people who’ve been on my list for several months and years. I love that type of connection. I especially liked treating this trip as a mini solo-vacation. Even though I missed my 4 favorite people in the world, I made as much time to enjoy my luxe hotel suite as if it was my own apartment, feeling like a princess in a very-quiet palace. Amazing how sometimes, you have to fly across the country to just sit in a quiet place and read a fashion magazine for 3 hours or take a bubble bath uninterrupted (mothers will relate!) Hope you had a great week too!

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