Client Attraction Quote of the Week: Give Generously and Prospects Will Flock To You

“It’s easier to promote when you are GIVING something of high-value to a prospect. It’s an approach of SERVICE rather than ‘selling something’ or trying to ‘get something’ from your prospect. GIVING is much more Client Attractive and takes the pressure off of the person (and yourself). Let’s face it; people love to buy, but they don’t like to be sold. When you give generously, you make it OK to offer other resources that will help that prospect. It’s like reading your favorite magazine. When you love every article, chances are the ads in the magazine will also appeal to you. Same thing here.”

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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  1. I apply as much as possible your advices.
    I donate (and create for the occasion) a tour on the french influence in Santa Fe. A donation as a raffle to raise money for someone who had an accident and didn’t have health insurance. So I participated to a good cause and get my starting business know.
    The person who won this price call today, I am looking forward to the tour and the feedback.
    Thanks for all your creative advices Fabienne.

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