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The gift of being bold (plus video)

For years, people repeatedly told me, in a condescending way, that I was too bold, too fearless, too (insert everything you can think of that sounds negative).

Goethe is quoted as saying…


What I’ve realized in my life and my business is that boldness DOES have genius in it.

Whether it’s boldly uprooting my family and moving to Paris (just because) or boldly changing the name of my company from The Leveraged Business to, well, Boldheart, or sometimes radically changing my business model over the years to be able to be of service to many, many more people, I have always found that being a little more bold creates a life worth living, one that includes expansion, building a legacy, making more money, working less and experiencing a much higher quality of life.

But many do not experience this. Most, actually, never will.


Because most entrepreneurs start their business as the Doer, the jack-of-all-trades. They set up their business from the “I will do the work because I’m good at it and I like doing it” business model.

Sadly, this is where most stop, some spending their whole career in this delivery model, with no exit strategy at the end of their career, because everything depended on them doing the work.

A few eventually hire other people to do the work, which allows them to take the role of the Manager, rather than the Doer, create systems and processes, and build a talented team that eventually frees up the entrepreneur to no longer deliver all the work, allowing them to focus on expansion and make more money, while working far less.

Although it sounds very good, very few (I mean minuscule numbers) ever experience this sort of freedom and expansion because old rules dictate the future.

They stop themselves by thinking, “Well, this is the way we’ve always done it” or, “This is how we do things in my industry. It wouldn’t work any other way.


But I ask you this today.

What if we were to have you step out of your comfort zone and wipe clean your existing thoughts about how you do business?

The Tabula Rasa exercise, as we call it in Boldheart Business, is your opportunity to release the shackles of past business decisions that may be preventing you from taking your business to the next level, even if only on paper for now.

To achieve this and expand your thinking, pretend that your business doesn’t actually exist. Imagine you’re starting it from a blank slate (tabula rasa), totally from scratch, and ask yourself now:

  1. What would need to shift in my business for my company to provide our product or service to 10 times the number of clients or customers we work with now?
  2. What other industries or segments of the population need what I provide, beyond who we serve now?
  3. What would need to change to be able to provide my solution beyond my existing geographic limitations, across the globe?
  4. How could I remove ME from doing all of the delivery and replace myself with others or rely more heavily on technology?

Will you do this exercise?

Will you have the courage to imagine, for just a bit, what it’s like doing business well beyond the confines of how you are doing so today?

I know – it’s bold, it goes outside of possibly everyone’s comfort zone…but what if? What if you could boldly follow in the footsteps of other 7-figure business owners who have great lives?

Just imagine, boldly.

Here’s to your expansion,

P.S. Speaking of being bold, this week, I took a few minutes out of my Boldheart Business Leverage Track meeting to shoot this short video for you from my living room. It’s an invitation (at no charge) to gently step out of your comfort zone and do something for yourself, so you can create new results. You can either watch the short video here, or click on the image below:


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