From desperation to a whopping 71% revenue increase

Today, I’ve got a feel-good turnaround story that should definitely inspire you and get you motivated to take action.

Listen, it’s happened to all of us.

Sometimes, money is tight.

Before Debbie joined the Boldheart Business program, she was paying her bills on her credit cards. She was stuck in a lease that she couldn’t get out of. Things looked bleak.

Closing her business was not an option, but she was racking up debt, fast.

She knew she needed to turn things around; she needed a miracle that would help her find the money to keep going.

What happened next?

In just three months of being with us, Debbie no longer needed to pay her bills on credit cards, and by the end of the year, she had increased her revenue by 71%.

Watch me lovingly interview her about exactly how she did it:

Here is some of what Debbie shared with me:

“We started our birth center about seven years ago. In the first year, we were debt-free, then we made the decision to move to a different building, larger building. And through a couple other things that happened, we weren’t having the income that we were before.

We had gotten to a place where we were paying our bills on credit cards, and we had a contract for this lease that we really couldn’t get out of. Closing was not an option. So I’m trying to find something online, something to help us turn this around. I saw that this is something I could not do on my own. So I had a free consultation with Boldheart.

We talked with one of the coaches, and she gave us really, really good information.

I was excited, and my husband said, ‘We don’t have the money.’

The coach said she’d call back in a month and gave us a couple assignments. She called back in a month, and in the meantime I had told my husband, ‘We’re going under and it doesn’t matter if we go under at 100 thousand or 200 thousand. We need to spend this money.’

I went online and I got two 0%-interest credit cards, and we just paid for the program.

My husband was a little apprehensive about this whole thing… ‘Is this really gonna work? This is a lot of money.’

Since being in the program, we’ve had a 48% increase in our client base. But even better than that, our increase in our gross income was 71%.

We had joined Boldheart in February, and by May we were no longer having to pay any bills with credit cards.”

Congratulations, Debbie.

Why does this program work so predictably?

Well, some people think that Boldheart is a coaching program.

It’s not.

It’s really an implementation incubator.

Listen, there’s plenty of knowledge out there. There are plenty of coaches and loooooots of advice going around.

It’s not a lack of knowledge that you have, sweet friend.

It’s a lack of structure, and step-by-step exactly-how-to, and the accountability to actually get it done.

Let’s agree that you have no problem starting new things.

Finishing them is another issue, isn’t it? Implementation is not always easy.

Through our program, members begin to realize that money is everywhere.

They get out of scarcity and into a mindset of abundance. They become super focused and finish what they start. They are lovingly held accountable so they do more with us then they would ever do on their own. Paired with the right marketing strategies, they are able to rapidly increase their revenue, like Debbie’s 71% revenue increase.

So I want you to dig deep, and ask yourself…

Where would my business be in a year from now if I joined the Boldheart Business program?
What would this mean for my income, my family?
What kind of impact could I make with this kind of accountability and support?
What would it feel like to be supported, so I’m no longer second guessing myself at every turn?

If, like Debbie, it’s not working on your own, then we need to talk.

Answer a couple of questions here, so we can chat.

We’re here, waiting for you.

With love,

P.S. If you’re still on the fence about reaching out to explore how we can help, please don’t be shy.

It’s easy to schedule a strategy call with the same coach that helped Debbie create huge breakthroughs (and it’s free).

Let’s just see what’s possible. We have so many ideas about how to increase the revenue in your business, and help you find the money you need to pay for the program.

Follow this link now to schedule a call with one of our coaches.

You can do this, love. We’ve got your back. xo

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