From 2K to 45K a month in ONE year…

I would like to lovingly insist that you take a moment to pause what you’re doing and watch today’s incredibly inspiring story. :)

Aja Trapani is a metaphysical teacher and leader.

Her work is fascinating! I love the type of work she does.

That being said, there’s a lot of lack consciousness in Aja’s world (kind of like the “starving artist” false belief around money, but for spiritual workers).

Many of her peers struggle with charging more for their services and growing successful, thriving businesses. In fact, before she joined us just 14 months ago, Aja was struggling, too.

She was even getting the “why don’t you just go get a job” question…

Well… I am happy to tell you that Aja isn’t thinking about getting a job anymore, now that she went from making 1.5K a month to now making 45,000 a month, every month, in just over one year.

Watch this now and get super inspired that you can do it too, with the right kind of help:

Despite big resistance in the beginning (“Can’t I just do this on my own? Must I invest in myself to make so much more?”), she said YES to having a free strategy session.

She rapidly joined us in the Growth Track of Boldheart Business, decided to follow our proven recipe to get to 10K a month, and she did.

Now, she’s following our proven recipe for getting to 100K a month (that’s the Leverage Track). And she’s almost halfway to 100K a month since making that leap in January. (I have chills just saying this.)

Here’s my favorite thing Aja said (and I loved pretty much everything she shared in the video)…

“Leaps of faith break us free.”

If we don’t leap, we stay where we are. It’s so incredibly simple, as most profound truths often are.

And when I think about Aja’s advice to you around how to overcome the resistance that shows up when we’re about to move to our next level, I want you to think deeply for a moment.

Take a deep breath in and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Why haven’t I been able to do it by myself before now?
  2. How much longer will it take to do it by myself versus with direction, structure and accountability, and other friends doing it with me?
  3. Do I really want to delay my results because of an excuse around money or time?

At the end of the day, I promise you this:

Doing this work with a bad-ass tribe of amazing female entrepreneurs holding you accountable and encouraging you to dream bigger is a lot more fun!

What would be possible for you, your family and your impact in the world if you ignored the resistance and took a leap of faith, knowing the coaching will pay for itself?

Would you “retire” your husband from a toxic job like Aja and I did?

Would you buy your daughter that plane ticket to Bali without a second thought?

Would you hire a rockstar business manager to release you from the day-to-day operations of your business so you can focus on what you really love to do?

What would you do differently once your business starting soaring like hers?

Aja is NOT a unique snowflake, you know. These kinds of dramatic shifts in results and income happen all the time when you join Boldheart Business. And it all starts with one free strategy call to explore what it would be like to work together, no obligations. You can apply for that free strategy call here.

Aja took the leap, she trusted her gut over her “drunk money mind” and got herself here. And then she did the work. She followed the advice she was given. She was coachable. She implemented.


This is how quickly things can change. Fourteen months from just a few thousand in revenue to $45,000. Wow.

Can you find the courage within to make the leap for us to just talk? We have been waiting for you.

It starts with a simple application. You’ll have an exploratory call with one of our strategy coaches… no pressure, only guidance.

We’ve got the strategy, the examples for you to model, the community and loving accountability that will take you all the way.

I can’t wait to see you fly,

P.S. If you’ve been following me for a while, but you keep thinking, “I can do it on my own,” I lovingly ask you to look at your results, with compassion but also curiosity. Are your current results satisfying to you? Would you like to go much faster in seeing a better outcome?

The reason that you’re here is likely that your Inner Guidance is continually pointing you in our direction. I believe in trusting your intuition.

That said, I’d lovingly suggest you listen to Source and finally take action. Let’s talk.

=> Click here to fill out a few short questions and book a chat with us, sweet friend.

See what possibilities exist for you here. And let’s create your amazing success story, together.

I’d love to feature you and your successes here one day soon, too.
You can do this. :)

You rock. xoxo

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