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Focus on solutions and benefits in your elevator speech

Most people in networking groups want to help you, knowing that you will help them too. Here’s how to make it easy for them.

Start by coming up with answers to your pull marketing questions from the The Leveraged Business system.

Think about:

Write all your answers down.

Sometimes people tend to gloss over what is really happening for their ideal clients and the problems they face. But spelling this out is what helps you connect with people who have these issues.

Your goal is to come up with lots of specifics about their issues and the emotions and mental states that go along with the problems. When you get detailed with what is going on for your target audience, it will be easier to jog your networking colleagues’ mental rolodexes. Something will trigger a person, making him or her say, “Oh my, that’s just what my friend Suzie was talking about!” And that’s how you get a referral.

When you can tap into your ideal clients’ problems and feelings, it can go a long way to help others think of who might need your services. This is also true of being detailed regarding the particular industry you serve and the specific professionals within that area.

Now, to create the elevator speech, remember you’ll want to talk about the solutions and not your actual methods. Your network and prospects don’t actually care about your techniques. They just want to know you can help fix the problems. Finish with the end benefits that people get when they work with you and you’ll have a hard-working elevator speech.

Being as definitive as possible is the key to helping your fellow networkers think of leads for you. You want to give them something to hang onto and think about. That will also help you stand out from others in the group who may be talking in generalities. Make it easy for your networking partners and you will generate more referrals and better results.

Your The Leveraged Business Assignment

  1. Look back to review your pull marketing questions and answers. Or if you haven’t done this exercise yet, this is a good time to get started.
  2. Make a list of the problems you solve and the emotional states you address.
  3. Write another list of the end benefits your clients can expect from working with you.
  4. Craft or revise your elevator speech to help your networking contacts and colleagues think of referrals and prospects who could benefit from working with you.

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