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Find the evidence that it can be done

I’m dropping in with some inspiration for you to play a bigger game in your life, your impact, your revenues, and your business. 

It was May 6th, 1954. 

Before that day, no one had ever run a mile in less than four minutes. Never. 

Until Roger Bannister did. And then, that same year, miraculously, somebody else ran the mile under four minutes. And the following year, several people ran the four-minute mile

What happened? 

Well, it’s a question of mindset, of course. Watch how this applies to your business, here: 

You see, sometimes I have some big ideas of what I want to do in the world, and I find a way to talk myself out of it. Maybe you do this, too?

“It can’t be done, I don’t have what it takes, this is going to be hard.” 

I have been known to find every excuse in the book about why I can’t do something. 

But then, I regroup and I start to think about the Roger Bannister example. 

I think about how he created a new result that hadn’t been done before, and then other people had evidence that it could work, and so they were able to achieve the same result.

I say to myself, “If it has been done, you can do it too.”

When I get stuck, and talk myself out of something that I’ve never done before, my new thing is to look for the evidence that it’s been done, proving that I can do it, too. 

I’d like you to try it too. 

If you’re stuck with something that will take you to the next level in your income, impact, etc. I want you to look around. 

Find the evidence that it can be done. 

Look at your colleagues in your industry. Look at other industries. Look at people who have accomplished big things beyond their previous limitations. Even if people are way, way further ahead than you are, use them as an example for the evidence that it can be done.

Find the evidence, and when you have the evidence, stay focused on it.

Keep playing the evidence again, and again, and again in your mind…

…because there will be a point at which those thoughts will create new beliefs about what you can achieve for yourself.

You’ll create new neural pathways in the brain. And once you have that belief, then you’ll take the action, and you’ll create results that astound others. 

“How did she do that?” they’ll ask, in awe.

Well, she simply found the evidence.

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