Find out where your ideal clients HANG OUT in large numbers

OK, so I hope I’ve gotten you excited about the concept of reaching a tipping point in your network through building relationships based on a know-like-and-trust factor.

But before you rush out there attending all sorts of networking groups and functions, you’ve got to do just a little bit of work so that you’re not wasting your time.

Once you’re clear on who your Ideal Clients are, there’s just one more thing we need to unearth, and it’s a crucial one. We need to know where they “live” and where they hang out.

Why would you randomly network hoping to find your ideal clients when you can find places to “rub elbows” with them in large numbers and at low cost to you? This is much easier and gets you more results.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where do they congregate regularly?
  • What workshops or seminars do they go to?
  • What conferences or conventions do they visit each year?
  • What trade shows will they attend this year?
  • Where do they network?
  • What clubs or organizations do they visit regularly?
  • What associations do they belong to?
  • Where will you find a roomful of these people?
  • What organization or group holds a “list” of these people?

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