How to feel good in your marketing “skin”

If you are someone who feels a bit uneasy about marketing, you are certainly not alone.

I believe I can help you feel better about it in today’s video.

You see, I believe marketing gets a bad wrap, sometimes unfairly.

Contrary to popular belief, marketing is actually an awesome thing (a divine tool, as I call it).

And to do marketing right (and feel great about doing it) requires shifting from push to pull, from what you need to get to what you can give, from your heart.

Watch this week’s super-short training to learn more:

Marketing done the right way is THE thing that lets you help people using your unique skills, talents and gifts…and get paid to do so (so you can keep doing it).

Today’s 2 ½ minute content video is about falling in love with marketing because there are ways to absolutely market with authenticity, integrity and love

I promise that when you do this you will feel great in your skin. And more than that, you can embrace this powerful paradigm:

“My job is to help this person get what they want so they can change their life.”

It comes not from a place of sacrificing your own needs, but from a place of understanding the fundamental truth that when you share your gifts with more people and create more value and transformation on the planet, the money follows.

Marketing is what allows you to receive, too.

So here’s my question for you today… How can you infuse more love into your marketing? Whether through speaking, networking or your communications, what commitment can you make to creating marketing that feels great to you?

I invite you to share your ideas in the comments below because I really want to read what’s true for you.

Here’s to you finally falling in love with marketing,

P.S. Remember – the thing you do, the service you provide or the products you sell people…they are your brownies. If you keep the amazing, warm, chocolatey deliciousness to yourself, there are going to be a lot of hangry (‘cause when I smell brownies and don’t get offered one, I get hungry + angry) people out there. Offer what you serve with love, OK? ;)

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