Fear stopped April the first time, but then… (Wow.)

Fear is often the “thing” that keeps us business owners stuck…

…stuck in the conditions we know all too well, without further movement, versus taking the leap and creating the business (and lifestyle) we want. It’s the thing we all must overcome if we want to see different results.

And it was no different for April.

As you’ll hear in this week’s inspirational video, April had some fits and starts when it came to taking the initial leap into The Client Attraction Business School….

But boy, is she glad that she ultimately overcame her fear and joined us. Watch the video now to hear why:

(FYI, this video was recorded only 6 months after she enrolled. Wow, just wow.)

And I couldn’t be happier for April.

I know sometimes it takes a bit longer for some people to get themselves here. And it’s ok.

Sometimes, it really is about divine timing.

But what I also hear from these students time and time again is…

“I wish I’d just made the leap sooner. Imagine where I would be today!?!”

If April hadn’t finally made her way here, chances are she’d still have zero clients and zero revenue. She would still be serving people and not getting paid for it. She needed structure, the right training, accountability and a loving community of others doing it too.

(And can we just give a big WOOHOO to her receiving a new client at her highest rate as she was coming to this event…? I call this the Client Attraction Vortex and it is For. Real.)

None of us are meant to stay at status quo, struggling to move to the next level. We are all worthy of being paid well for what we do and to continue to grow. 

Is it your turn to overcome your fear and take the leap to join us? (What has your intuition been wanting to tell you that you haven’t listened to?) 

Is it your turn to be welcomed into a community of fellow fear-busters, game-changers and success-makers? 

Maybe, like April, you’ve been “dancing” with me for a while or checking us out from the sidelines.

Maybe you’ve felt inspired to talk to one of our awesome (kickbutt, loving) coaches, but then talked yourself out of it with the very usual I can do this on my own. 

I’m here to lovingly say to you, “If you could have, you would have already.”

Despite the fact that April was a newbie here at CABS, she was able to create these results very quickly.

And if she can do it, you can too. That’s because predictable business growth and income acceleration are a science. Once you put the pieces in place as we show you how, you get results that way outweigh the investment.  

Sometimes it simply takes being afraid and doing it anyway.

Let’s map out a plan to help you afford it and take action in spite of fear. Our coaches are ready to support you and love you up. Fill out an application here and let’s set up a time to chat, OK?

Here’s to your leap. It’s time,

P.S. When you step out of fear and into faith, everything changes. It is inevitable. It is Universal Law. Go for it!

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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