Fear is actually a great sign! (Here’s how you work with it)

In today’s new video, we talk about fear, the one thing that nobody wants to talk about, and the one thing that everybody wants to avoid like the plague. Watching this will help you overcome resistance: 

Fear is not such a bad thing, actually. 

Fear is a sign that you’re going in the right direction. 

It sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? 

Let’s talk about the ego for a second. 

The ego is the force within you that wants you to stay small and status quo. It does not want you to grow, because when you grow, it gets smaller. 

When you start going in the direction of big new things and growth, you start to stand out of the pack, and the ego does not want that for you. 

It wants to keep you small. 

When you’re in the direction of growth, that’s when the ego uses its greatest sword, which is fear. 

It’s not comfortable, but it’s a great sign. 

What I’ve learned is, if you are not experiencing any fear, you’re experiencing status quo. 

But if you are somebody who wants to grow in your business, in your income, in your impact, in your legacy, in your influence in the world and you want to do great things, you’re going to have to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. 

To grow, you must get uncomfortable just for a little bit, and that will include fear.

So, if you’re trying to grow where you’re comfortable, you’ll notice that there’s no fear. You’re not going to grow within your comfort zone. 

You actually must get out of your comfort zone to grow. 

Whenever you feel fear, remember, it’s a sign to keep going

Now I understand that it’s uncomfortable. 

I feel it too! I experience fear too, even though I teach and I know intellectually that it’s not real, it still feels real. 

So I’ll just tell you what I do if I’m experiencing fear around the thing that I think will take me to the next big level:

  • I journal about it.
  • I talk to friends about it.
  • I get divine guidance around it.
  • I do whatever I can…maybe it’s crying, or seeing the pros and the cons.

And after a while (some people call me fearless – I am certainly not fearless), I just get to the point where I understand that the next right step is about walking right into the fear as opposed to away from it

Just know that the more scared you are of a particular direction or a particular thing that you have to do in your business, you’re on the right path. 

Keep going, the discomfort is only temporary. 

If you can surround yourself with other people on the path, people who have been there, who understand that this fear is temporary, you will experience comfort and know that on the other side of fear is everything you seek. 

Hope that helps today. xo

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