Fall in love with marketing by doing this

I have yet to work with an entrepreneur who really enjoys marketing when they first start their business…in fact most of them have a lot of resistance to it. So today, I would like for you to start falling in love with marketing
You see, once you embrace a ‘marketer-first’ role that feels right for you (like ‘authentic marketer’ or ‘loving marketer’), and you begin to do more marketing from this mindset, everything will change for the better. 
Marketing is your friend. 
It not only changes the lives of the people that you’re marketing to, but it changes your life too. You get to have a wonderful quality of life when you do a lot of marketing that’s aligned with your authentic purpose, because you will attract your ideal clients. 
I too used to have resistance around marketing, and I knew that in order to attract the kinds of clients I wanted to help, and to therefore grow my business, I needed to change my attitude towards it. So (though it may sound corny), I wrote a love letter to marketing a few years ago, and it really changed things for me. I want to share it with you now in the hopes that it will start to shift how you see marketing.
Dear Marketing,
I opened up my business because I wanted choices, the freedom to make a difference. I wanted to create my ideal lifestyle, but making good money. 
It wasn’t easy… I was overwhelmed, exhausted. I didn’t know where to start or what to do to get clients. I was floating my life on credit cards and things looked bleak. 
Then, I began to embrace you. I explored different ways to get my message out there, and I realized that marketing is a learnable skill, a divine tool. I became a catalyst in people’s lives.
Because of you, I am living my dream, and I know now that anyone’s dream is possible. You change people’s lives. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today: living my ideal life, enjoying the sweetest gifts life has to offer.Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Ok, sweet friend, are you ready to write your own?
Set aside a few moments with your journal and write your own love letter to marketing.
As always, remember that this exercise is for you, no one else will see it. So really go for it, ok?
I get emotional just thinking about it, because I know for a fact that…

The more you’re willing to embrace the idea of marketing prolifically, and go out there and do it, the more you get to impact people’s lives, change your own life and the lives of the people who depend on you, the people who love you.

Once you shift your energy around this marketing thing and you put more focus on it, you learn to systematize it. It will change your life for the better, there’s no doubt about it. So go ahead and write your love letter, ok? I know it will help. 

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