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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.netAs I’ve mentioned previously, using photos on Facebook is a great way to get more viewership of your updates and more fan engagement. And as you know, the more engagement you generate, the better it is for list building.

However, scheduling posts with photos on Facebook has a bit of a trick to it. There are some methods that work for other social media platforms, that aren’t the best for Facebook when photos are involved.

For example, Hootsuite is a wonderful way to schedule your tweets with photos or links. We use it for managing our Twitter account and maybe scheduling some campaigns or promotional tweets or other automated feeds for Twitter updates. That’s what Hootsuite is fantastic for.

Yet, when you use this service to pre-post on Facebook with photos, the photo will not be prominent when the update goes live. That’s why I don’t recommend Hootsuite for Facebook posts. In addition, Facebook prefers direct interaction rather than using an automated service and limits the exposure your posts will get when scheduled this way.

Your Facebook Fan Page Has Its Own Scheduler
What’s the solution? At Client Attraction, we use the Facebook scheduler. In Facebook, on the Fan page, you have the ability to upload photos, write descriptions, and put in links. But, instead of clicking “Post”, you can click a button that looks like a small clock icon to pre-schedule your updates and have them go out automatically. Doing it this way, the photos will post correctly as if you were doing this is real time.

One caveat: although things change minute-to-minute, you have to use your laptop or desktop computer with the Facebook scheduler. Unfortunately, it might not work from your iPad, iPhone or other smart phone or tablet device.

At Client Attraction, we set up everything for the week through the computer on Monday mornings whether it’s promoting blog posts or promotional messages or whatever we have to communicate and share. The bottom line is, from our experience, there’s no ideal way we’ve found to do all of the social media from one comprehensive platform like Hootsuite etc. More tools are being developed all the time with greater functionality, but we’re all at the mercy of the platform for now.

There’s always a balance between automation and some manual time and effort needed to make it all work the way we want it to and every time. Sometimes we have to juggle both to get exactly what we want with social media posts, scheduling and automation.

Your Client Attraction Assignment
Working smarter not harder is certainly the way you to go. So, pre-scheduling your Facebook posts is the right thing to do. Leverage Facebook’s scheduler for posts to your Fan page to gain the most exposure for your updates. Over time, more fans and more engagement with them can be one of your sound list building strategies.

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