Facebook: How to get more visibility for your blog posts

Image courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot / FreeDigitalPhotos.netWhen you have written a new blog post, there are three ways to post the information on Facebook. At The Leveraged Business, we have done quite a bit of research and testing to discover what works best to get the engagement you want with fans. So let me share what we have learned.

1. Use the Social Media buttons from your own blog. When you are visiting your own blog post, you can share directly from the button on your own page. When you click on the Facebook button, sometimes this just creates a “like” on Facebook with a link to the post. Sometimes a dialog box comes up so you can actually make a comment about your post on Facebook. The problem with this method is you can’t be sure how Facebook will see your blog photo.

2. Paste your blog post’s URL into the Facebook status update. You might want to shorten the URL with Bitly or another link shortening service. Facebook sees this as a URL post and from all the research they have done, URL posts don’t get as much engagement or as many clicks, Likes or Shares as a photo post.

3. Post the blog’s photo on Facebook, then comment and paste in the URL. This third method is what we found to be most effective for gaining engagement with our fans. We copy and save the picture associated with the blog post, upload that to Facebook, and then in the description, we put the link back to the blog post.

What Facebook visitors do is scroll through their newsfeed until an image gets their attention – it attracts their eyes towards the photo vs. just a URL link. Next they look at the description as part of their curiosity, wanting to know what the picture is about. That’s what makes them click the link, driving them back to the blog post on our site.

In addition, because the image is so much more compelling, it’s gets so much more visibility. This increases your chances of being seen by fans and that they will share with their friends which is what stretches your exposure. It also builds your engagement ranking which ultimately gets you even more exposure and possibly more fans.

So, this is the model we use at The Leveraged Business for building Facebook engagement. We tested the system versus just posting the URL from blog posts directly and the percentage of engagement is through the roof.

Your The Leveraged Business Assignment
How do you share your blog posts on Facebook? If you haven’t been following our system, you can start today. You can even repost photos from older blog posts that are your favorites and get them seen again by a bigger audience with our tested system. Great photos are not only good for readership on your blog, but also make a big impression on Facebook as well.

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17 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing excellent information. Your site is very cool. I am impressed by the details that you’ve on this site. It reveals how nicely you understand this subject. Bookmarked this web page, will come back for extra articles. What an ideal web site.

  2. Yup after tying different ways myself, I have to agree no 3 is the best way to post on Facebook! Also the size of the photo is very important, a very good size is the Instagram photo size. You can see the whole picture exactly as it is when you scroll through your feed. If it’s a larger file Facebook shows only a part of the photo which makes your post less effective!

  3. Finally got something new . Actually you read my mind . I am also believe that Image is so much attractive to get more visibility on my post, just like a thousands words in an image .

  4. Thanks for all the suggestions! I regularly post pics with links in the description box, but someone was telling me that FB has caught on and typically will not give these as much exposure compared to if you just put a status update w/ a bityurl or tinyurl.

    Personally, I prefer something visually enticing and a pic piques my interests more so than a status update. So I tend to only post pics with the url in the description box. But maybe it’s time to switch it up a bit for the sake of research! Thx Fabienne and team 😀

  5. Thanks for the ideas. I definitely see very low reach numbers whenever I share a link. You say in #3 that you put the URL in the description, but doesn’t that create the same low reach problem? Or do you put the URL in the comments for the picture? Another thing I’ve tried is to post the photo, and then go back in after and edit the description to include a URL. Curious what’s working for others! 🙂

    1. We put our comment and the url in the description when we first post, and that works very well for us. But always remember that your audience and your followers may respond differently, so definitely try different things to see what works best for you!

  6. I agree! #3 is the way to go. Makes a huge difference. I love using picmonkey.com to make a picture or meme (with my website name at the bottom of course!) to grab the readers attention so they of course read the blog post!! Good advice!

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