Hello Rebel. This one’s for you ;)

exponential growth

Ready to cozy up with me for some real talk?

One of the things I’ve become known for over all these years is telling it to you like it is.

When I started my first business all those years ago, my goal (my dream, really) was to make as much money as I’d been making in my corporate job.

$65,000 a year, to be exact.

(That was the base salary I was making in my last real job and I never had aspirations of making much more than that.)

Yeah, well… That didn’t quite happen.

No, where we are now (I hope you don’t mind some rough numbers) is a sustainable multi-7-figure business, with plans in place to expand in the not-too-distant-future, an awesome team we absolutely adore, clients and members around the world that I love deeply, working with the love of my life and now living in Paris with him and our kids.


I think we missed the mark on the 65K per year, somehow.

How does this kind of exponential business growth happen, OR, and more importantly, how can something like that be duplicated by others??

It had to do with me no longer acting like a rebel. And that means you too.

(And God knows, I looooooove to rebel at times. You?) ;)

But here’s the truth I’m getting to:

Rebellion and flying by the seat of your pants are the enemies of consistent, predictable, exponential growth.

Exponential growth happens only after a mindset shift is made.


Most of us open up our own businesses because we are exactly the kind of people who resist structure.

We’ve been breaking the rules since we were five, and regarding predictability and consistency, well…yawn!

Instead of structure, we much prefer a new shiny object! a new challenge! a new idea!!! YAY! Now, THAT is exciting!!


What I’ve learned along the way is that if you want a business and life that you dream about, you are going to have to learn to embrace STRUCTURE and SYSTEMS.

You see, consistency is infinitely scalable. Rebellion and flying by the seat of your pants isn’t.

And believe me, this was not an easy pill for me to swallow (I still have trouble with it sometimes).

Flying by the seat of your pants, changing direction all of the time, relying on your talent instead of your systems…can only get you so far.

If you want to grow to multiple 6 figures or 7 figures (and gain your life back) like so many of our Boldheart Business members did this past year, you’re going to have to shift your mindset to embrace the “boring” so you can live the “fun.”

Systems create freedom.
Structure gives you breathing space.
Checklists eliminate things falling through the cracks.
Operations manuals mean you can now trust others to do the work for you without worry.

(Don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally. We can show you how.)

Everything you want for your growth, your income, for reaching and impacting more people and for your quality of life is on the other side of embracing this.

It’s time to leverage YOU with systems so that you can go from overwhelmed and maxed out (because you’re doing everything yourself), to having everything run smoothly (without much involvement from you) so you can then add another zero to your revenues.

The thing you’ve been resisting all this time is usually the thing that gets you what you want.

Let’s get you to 7 figures,

P.S. We can help you boldly reach your potential for exponential growth, no matter what level you’re at now. Let’s talk.

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