Enjoying vacation with my little family in Vermont. Here I am with my son Luc on our “Special-Mommy-Luc-Day” of adventures focused just on him

It was a great week of recharging at our ski house in Vermont last week. We started the week with a houseful of friends and family enjoying big dinners, laughter, cooking, playing board games together, and hosting a party for our ski friends, the ski racing coaches and their kids — we had about 40 to 50 people, and it was a blast. I also had time to go to the spa two days in a row, to have some treatments, sit by the pool reading magazines, to enjoy the outdoor hot tub and sit in the relaxation room. With 3 kids, you sometimes have to leave the house to fully relax!

I’m especially happy about my “Special-Mommy-Luc-Day”, on Thursday. While our oldest, Claire, was at her big Giant Slalom race with her dad, my son and I headed out for a special day focused only on what he likes to do. We hit the playground at the resort in town, played theater puppets at the local library, had lunch tete-a-tete, and went shopping for toys for him and his brother and sister. The grin on this face the whole day was priceless. (I plan on doing this regularly with each child. It’s one of the most gratifying things ever.)

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