Enjoying the first week of this month-long vacation

There was a time, when I first started my business, that I planned out my schedule the way I wanted to live my life. So, I made it a point to set up my business so that I’d take a full day off per week, a week off per month and at least one month off per year- approximately 18 weeks of vacation per year. (EVERYBODY needs down time to succeed.) And for a while, that was my life, until I got busier and busier and started multiplying my income, and then hired full-time employees who counted on me to be there and drive this train. And somehow, although I had way more vacation than the average entrepreneur or corporate professional, it wasn’t what I’d enjoyed in the beginning of my entrepreneurial career.

Well… I made a HUGE decision several months back that I am taking this entire month of August off to unwind from a super-busy year, re-charge my batteries, re-connect with loved ones and friends I don’t often see and to feed my soul with some playtime, deep reading, writing and just “being.” My team has been wonderful in helping me set up systems and we’re encouraging our clients and students to do the same in their own business. So this is my first week off and I have to admit it feels a little strange… but at the same time it’s wonderful. I feel as though I’ve given myself a precious gift and although it will take a few days to get into a new routine, I intend to soak it all in and truly enjoy every minute. I hope you do the same… it makes you more Client Attractive!

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  1. Bravo Fabienne! I learned this also–to let go in the summer and work very little… if everything has been set up in a scalable way, it is totally doable and I’ve found it actually helps my business grow because of all the ideas and how healthy I am when I surface again. Have a great vacation, you deserve it!

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