Elvia’s already at 42% of her goal (in one month)

In today’s spiritual business message, Elvia tells my amazing colleague Kiva how following your intuition helps you grow your business (good thing, since it helped her experience 42% of her goal in one month!!).

You see, the Universe hears our every prayer.

And it always answers our call for help, 100% of the time, by providing an opportunity that will solve the problem we are facing, the right opportunity to get the solution we need.

But most people ignore their intuition (the divine guidance they asked for) because of resistance:

“I’m too busy to say yes to this solution being presented to me.”
“I don’t think I have the finances to say yes to the thing that will give me the results I seek.”
“I don’t know if my spouse will let me.”  
“I’m just not sure if this thing is the thing that will help me solve everything.”

Essentially, we say NO to the Universe if we listen to our ego, despite the inner guidance nudging us in the right direction…the direction of our dreams.  

Listen to how Elvia went beyond her resistance and increased her business, by clicking on the video below:

As Elvia shared, when we get beyond our ego and take action on divine guidance, everything changes for the better.

Before joining us in the program, she was looking after aging parents and struggling to make her business grow to its full potential.

She desperately needed support, even if she couldn’t quite see it yet.

When Boldheart came her way, she realized that life as she knew it was about to change. She followed her ‘Yes’, joined the Boldheart Business program, and here’s what happened next, in some of her own words:

“I had been in business for 10 years, but for the five years prior to Boldheart, I really put things on a back burner taking care of aging parents…I signed up to Boldheart as my whole being was just like, ‘Yes, do this.’

What’s so special about Boldheart is that you guys teach the business stuff (you prioritize that, no question) but you also prioritize the whole mindset and who you are as a person. Because if you can’t show up fully to do your work and believe in yourself, then it’s not going to work.

Now, the numbers really reflect that work and Boldheart has been such a huge part of that. I’m doing this training with Kiva and in month one, I reached 42% of my goal. I love the Q and A calls. I love my pod. All of it has just been powerful. And the live meetings are really, especially powerful.

I don’t know of any other business school that can feel like family…where people will listen and be your sounding board when you need to, but just hold you in that space, like, “We believe in you, we love you, we know you can do this.” That’s the space you guys create.

Just recently, my son was sharing that he and his sister had been talking about my progress over the last year and how they’re so proud of me. And a lot of that is because of Boldheart.”

Worthwhile investment, would you say?

Here’s the thing, sweet friend.

It’s easy to hide behind resistance and excuses, but that will keep you exactly where you are now. What creates a breakthrough is being willing to pull up our bootstraps and deciding to change things.

It could have been easy for Elvia to decide not to invest in herself…to come up with excuses why she should keep playing it safe, but she did invest. She followed her intuition and now she’s getting great results in her business.

When we asked her about resistance, she said…

“Don’t listen to the resistance. Listen to your higher guidance. Know and trust what’s in your heart, because all those, ‘Well how am I gonna do this if I have a full-time job?’, ‘How am I gonna do this with the kids?’, ‘How am I gonna do this with the finances?’…

All of those how’s are solved. Those issues go away, because the Universe handles all the how-to-do things. We just have to show up and follow our guidance. And the rest all falls into place.”

If you’ve been following me for a while, and you’ve been quietly resisting and delaying joining us in the program, I want to ask you to really dig deep and ask yourself if it’s working.

Hiding under all of that resistance, is there actually a ‘Yes, I want to work with you’ that wants to emerge?

Listen to that YES, and reach out to us here so we can chat for free.

We have been waiting for you,

P.S. You’ve been following me for a while. Let’s explore what your higher self is saying to you, move you through any resistance, and get you to start getting great results in your business.  

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No more resistance, OK?


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