Edna doubled her business in less than six months

One of the biggest challenges that business owners face is that we get really used to doing everything ourselves. It can be hard to let go of doing it all.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, today, I want you to meet Edna.

She’s a real estate investor and mentor. Her business was doing well before she joined us in the Leverage Track at Boldheart, but she could not figure out what she needed to do to grow exponentially.

As you’ll hear, one simple shift from the coaching at Boldheart allowed her the freedom and opportunity to do just that…in a massive way. (She’s very close to 7 figures now.)

Watch her advice to you, now:

Pretty amazing, right? When we stop doing the work that is time-consuming, tedious and quite honestly, outside of our zone of genius, we gain something precious.

We can work on achieving a greater vision.

We empower others to do the same. (Can you believe Edna brought her team of 10 to the Mindset Retreat?! Wow!)

Our business can flourish.

We gain our time back.

As Edna shares…the Mindset for exponential business growth comes first, even before the strategy or the implementation. Your top priority should be creating an environment for yourself where you can recharge and get re-inspired.

That’s how we do it The Boldheart Way, and that’s why it works so well, as you can see from the countless member successes here.

It’s not any different for you. If I had to guess…the biggest obstacle to your success is this: doing things the way you do them because it’s how you’ve always done them. (You are not alone in this. I promise.)

Achieving different results requires doing things differently. Getting help.
It requires outside support and guidance, because you don’t know what you don’t know, and operating from the same knowledge base will not get you anywhere new.

This is why our members love what they discover here. They don’t need to figure it out on their own or reinvent the wheel. They can mimic what we do (or what other members are doing) and apply it to their own business, like a paint-by-numbers formula.

As you heard in today’s video, Edna did not reinvent the wheel to get herself to 7 figures.

She turned to us to show her how to implement the proven practices, strategies and methods that always lead to greatly increased results. It’s pretty simple, actually, and the relief always starts by just reaching out to us here for a free exploratory call.

Of course your business may look different than Edna’s. Maybe you don’t have a team yet…and you most likely don’t have 50 bank accounts.

But the same advice applies.

Schedule a free exploratory call with our amazing and incredibly loving Strategy Coaches so we can support you to shift the things in your business that will help you achieve your next big level.

We are here for you.

Much love,

P.S. The exploratory call is absolutely free. There’s no risk.

You can schedule yours here.

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