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Differentiate your business with these 4 powerful questions

One of the ways to differentiate and grow your business is to have the mindset of ‘always wanting to  improve’. 

By constantly evolving and innovating, you’re challenging the status quo and staying on top of what’s working and what’s not. This allows you to really give your clients the best possible results and push you towards greater business success.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the idea of evaluating your industry (yes, you read that right – your entire industry) to examine its strengths and weaknesses. 

By doing this, you’re truly going to be able to differentiate yourself from all other competitors in your industry by being the only one looking at what’s missing and providing that for your clients.

Watch this video to learn about the 4 questions you should ask yourself to differentiate from the competition:

The four questions for differentiation

Here’s how we do it in our business, and we teach our women business owners to do it. 

I want you to look at your entire industry and ask yourself four questions. 

  1. What works in your industry? What moves things along, what is commendable and unique? What do we want to continue doing? By acknowledging your strengths, you set the stage for growth and expansion.
  2. Now, let’s shine a light on the areas that need improvement. Ask yourself, what’s not working in my industry? How are your clients and customers being underserved by the industry as a whole? What are we not doing right? What’s not working?
  3. Next, imagine a scenario where your industry does more of what works and less of what doesn’t. What would that look like? Try and identify specific potential changes and adjustments that can elevate your industry as a whole.
  4. Now let’s put the possibility for change on you and your company. Knowing all of this, what could you do in your business to always improve? How could you do more of what works and less of what doesn’t, to really innovate and almost change our industry?

Always improving and providing perfection

“Do you see that you could actually turn your whole industry on its head and start creating results for your clients that they can’t get elsewhere?”

Here’s the thing – most likely, none of your competitors are examining the strengths and weaknesses of your industry as a whole.

By adopting this approach, you have the opportunity to differentiate yourself and truly stand out from your competitors.

Others may be content with the status quo, but you, my friend, have the vision and drive to push boundaries and create something extraordinary. What if you were to challenge the norm with this concept of always improving, trying to create something that doesn’t exist anywhere else? 

And when you can figure out a way to serve your clients in a way that literally nobody else is doing, they’ll realize that they can’t find your services anywhere else, and stay with you for years. There’ll be no question there.

That is true innovation. That is true differentiation.

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