Determine the Viability of Your Target Audience BEFORE You Begin Marketing

Ok, so you’ve identified your ideal client profile. The question you now have to ask yourself is, “Have I chosen a viable target audience?” meaning, is it actually worthwhile to market to these people?

You can have all the focus, drive, and good intentions to market to a group of people, but if they’re not easily reached in large numbers and inexpensively, if they don’t congregate often or they’re too difficult to locate, it’s going to make your Client Attraction attempts much more difficult.

Here are some questions to ask yourself (be a hard grader):

  • Can you find them easily?
  • Is there a “list” of these people somewhere – an association of them, support groups, alliances, for example?
  • Are there enough of them? Even if your target audience is small in the grand scheme of the population, there still needs to be a massive number of these people for you to stay in business.
  • Do they have a problem worth solving?
  • Does this problem hurt enough?
  • Do they have the ability to pay for your services?

Your Assignment:

Once you’ve gotten clear on a target audience or a niche, it’s important to ask yourself the hard questions listed above. Take out a sheet of paper and really answer these. If the answers are repeatedly “no,” then consider looking for another niche. It’ll make the whole Client Attraction process much easier in the long run.

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  1. Hi Fabienne! :)

    Thank you so much for these questions to help identify a target market! I love how you’ve broken it down into such specific criteria that I can go through and just check off yes or no. It makes it super easy to run this check on my target market to see if it’s worth pursuing. :)

  2. Excellent advice! I’ve come across many small biz owners who feel passionate about their work yet unable to commit to a solid niche. I love the questions that you included in your article. Clear answers to those questions will lead the way to a profitable business that yes, you can feel passionate about.

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