How Denise doubled to 450K in one year, so you can too

When you run a 6-figure business, it can look to everyone else like you’ve got it going on. Everything looks great on the outside…but inside, you may feel stuck. In a slump. (Trapped? Drained? Exhausted? Overwhelmed?) And you definitely don’t want to be stuck in the same place one year from now. 

If you’ve ever felt this way (or do right now), please watch Denise’s inspiring transformation of how she went from a slump to doubling her income and more, after only one year with us:

If you only looked at the numbers, Denise seemed to be doing well in her business before she chose to join our program. Deep inside though, she knew a lot of work was needed if she wanted to grow. Apart from feeling exhausted with what we call WrongFit Clients, she knew she couldn’t grow because she didn’t have either the strategy, time or support to make changes on her own.

I felt like my business was in a slump. I just was thinking, ‘I don’t want to be here a year from now.’ Nine years into business, I don’t want to feel such highs and lows. I do a good job of following directions, but I don’t think I’m super strategic. I definitely realized that’s not a strength of mine, and I need coaching.”

Having heard about us from a friend years earlier, Denise was finally ready to find the coaching she needed. That’s when she scheduled her free strategy session (you can too, here) and she enrolled herself in our Leveraged Business Program, the one that gets you out of overwhelm, scales your business and gives you your freedom back.

What happened next was something she couldn’t have imagined – but we showed her a bigger future was possible.

After only one year of ‘following our recipe’ and letting us lovingly stretch her vision of what was possible, Denise stepped fully into her role as the Visionary in her business and began to play much bigger in the world. At the time of our conversation, she had:

  • Doubled her revenue to $450K, on track for even more
  • Let go of clients that weren’t right for her to serve only her ideal clients
  • Set her eyes on going “national” with a local business
  • Had multiple TV appearances and was being offered more air time
  • Said yes to writing a book
  • Regained her passion for her business

An amazing return on investment for her first year with us, right?

What was it about our program that got Denise such amazing results in such a short time?

=> A proven, easy-to-follow recipe for growing your business exponentially, without overwhelm
=> A path to creating a business that runs itself (and makes money!) while you’re away
=> Tools you can implement to work less and get your life back, even take a month-long vacation
=> The support of a positive, loving community of like-minded women entrepreneurs 

Do you dream of this too? 

Just imagine what’s possible with the right support and structure to make it happen. It all starts with a conversation to help us explore where you are now and what will be possible for you when we work together – no obligations. This link is where you request your free strategy call.

Book my free strategy call

Let’s get you the support you need,

P.S. Like Denise, you may have heard about me or been urged by a friend to join us for several years now. Maybe you’ve been watching these videos for years, but you haven’t taken me up on that bigger future, thinking perhaps, “It will be a lot of money” or, “I’ve got so much going on right now, I will wait until I have less going on in my life.” 

Do you really want to be in the same place a year from now? For most people, the answer is NO! That being said, now is the right time to explore if working together could be a fit. 

Just trust your intuition, take a deep breath and let’s set up a time to talk so we can explore getting you unstuck and into new results you’ll love, like we did with Denise. xo

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

Perhaps we should talk?

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