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Delegate! Yes, you can do anything, but you shouldn’t


Today I’d like to help you focus your attention on the things you’re really amazing at, the things that give you your ‘special sauce’ and make your offering truly unique.

As you know, there are so many things that could actually be done in your business that would move your business forward. The key is that up until now, you may have believed that you were the one who is supposed to take care of most of those things. But here’s what I really hope to help you get clear about today:
You are not meant to do everything in your business.
You are simply meant to do the stuff you are already brilliant at doing. 

You can do anything, yes, but not everything.
What I’ve learned is that there is no way that you’ll ever make a lot of money or have a great impact in the world through your business if you’re doing things that you hate to do or that you’re not good at doing.
Not only are these activities costing you time and money, they are stopping you from moving your business forward. So today I want to share with you an exercise we use in the Leverage Program to help our members delegate more effectively by determining what you are uniquely brilliant at, with the goal of spending more of your time doing these things. These are the things that will grow your business exponentially.
Define Your Unique Brilliance

Time to pull out your journal or a blank piece of paper and find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted for a while. You’re going to divide your blank page into four quadrants, and starting at the top left, you’ll label them like this:
The first quadrant is the Unique Brilliance quadrant. These are the activities, the tasks that you do in your business where you are recognized for your brilliance. When you do these things, people think and say, “Oh my gosh, you are amazing at this.”

It’s what you’re most passionate about, something you would do for free all day long. And if asked to do it again the next day (for free), you’d probably say, “Oh, all right, I’d be delighted to!” because it fuels you with energy. 
Time passes without you noticing while you do these things, and you just keep getting better and better at them. These are your unique brilliance activities.
The second one, to the right of the first one, is the Excellence quadrant. This is also an activity or a task that you are recognized for being excellent at. You’re really good at this. People admire you for this, but you don’t have as much passion for it.
If you were to do this for free for a full day, you would be pretty depleted at the end of the day. And if asked to do it again for free the next day, you would probably say “No,” because frankly you’re drained. You’re still very good at it (okay, you’re excellent at it). This is an excellence category, but not brilliant.
Third, under the first quadrant, we have the Competence quadrant. A competence task or activity is something that is not your strong suit. You are okay at it. You can do it, but it’s not your favorite thing by far. 
And frankly, somebody else could probably do it better than you.
Finally, at the bottom right is the Incompetence quadrant. Being really honest with yourself here…you really stink at this. It drains your energy completely, from the beginning. If you were never to do these things again, you would be the happiest person in the world (and your business would be better off).
So remember, there is no judgment here, we are not supposed to be good at everything. We want to get specific about where you are spending your time, with the goal of focusing on your unique brilliance so you can share that with the world.
To fill in each quadrant thoroughly, spend some time reviewing what you do on a day-to-day basis in your business. Think back around the last couple of weeks and start writing down some things that you do, like delivering content or creating content. It could be answering emails, doing your taxes, managing client relationships, scheduling, marketing breakdown, social media and other different marketing activities.
There are things that you will be excellent at or uniquely brilliant at, then there will be others at which you will be completely incompetent. This is the case for everybody. Remember, no one is amazing at everything and you don’t have to be.

As you begin to fill in each quadrant, it should become clear that it’s time to focus on your unique brilliance and delegate the things in the other quadrants. Maybe it’s time to hire someone whose unique brilliance is the exact opposite of yours…maybe what is ‘incompetence’ for you is actually their passion. It’s truly possible to find these people!
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