Decide what you want to give vs. what you’re going to get

In today’s new video, I’d like to give you a hack. A hack to being very successful in your business, to making very good money, and creating influence and impact. 

And unfortunately, it’s a hack you’ve probably heard of before.

Maybe when you hear this, you’ll say, “I already know that.” The thing is, you may have heard of it, but I live this day in and day out, and when I share this with our members and they start to live it day in and day out, things change for them.

Watch this now to see how I put my own spin on this idea and see if you find something new that inspires you: 

It’s about approaching your business as a vehicle for giving as opposed to a vehicle for getting. 

You’ve heard it before, right? 

But the idea is…how do you live that, day in and day out? 

I see many of my colleagues who, when they’re filling an event, they talk about “Let’s get butts in seats!” and it’s as though everybody’s just a number. 

I look at it as “souls in seats” or “hearts in seats”. It’s not about accumulating dollars. It’s about “How many lives can I actually touch?” 

This is how I see myself, and I hope you see yourself in this way after you hear this. 

There’s an American TV show called “The Wheel Of Fortune” that you may know, and on the show, a woman named Vanna White for (I don’t know how many years) used to turn the letters when you guessed the right letters. And over the last, I don’t know how long, 10, 20 years she now touches the letters and they brighten up.

That’s how I approach my business and I invite you to do the same: 

I’m looking to see how many people I can light up…how many people I can give value to. 

And naturally, the more people you give value to (and light up!) the more successful you may become. 

Instead of trying to “get” and “accumulate”, to take from or rip off (maybe not you, sweet friend, but I know there are people who are ripping off others because they see them as being ‘just a number’), I want you to think about changing your focus in your business to how much you can give.

Know that the Law of Circulation will always bring back to you what you give in greater quantities than the original gift. 

Now I don’t mean over-give, in the sense that you don’t get paid for the work that you do, but have it be that the idea is to give so much more value than people are paying you for. That whole concept will change your career for the rest of your life. 

Look at it as “How much can I give?” instead of “How much can I get?” 

It changes the energy completely. People will look at you differently and say, “Wow, I want to work with her!” 

Just a little thought for you for today. 

Lots of love. xo

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