Create “Business Development Only” Days To Improve Your Marketing and Get More Clients

It’s important to make time during your week to focus on Client Attraction and the marketing needed to get more clients.

While you’re clustering your client appointments, go just one step ahead. Cluster your days for maximum efficiency and create “Business Development Only” days.

The more I’ve worked on creating Business Development Only Days, the more successful I’ve become. It helps me be “in the flow” in terms of
marketing ideas and action and helps me get more done to promote my business than simply trying to squeeze it in everyday. Doing this increased my revenue by 35% immediately.

Client example: A dental office I worked with to attract more patients was struggling to get any marketing done. The primary dentist was consistently busy working with patients and couldn’t focus on Client Attraction. Until we asked the office manager to schedule NO patients on Thursdays. At first, he resisted. “How will I make more money if I’m not working one day per week?” But very quickly, he realized that the time he now had to focus on marketing and business development, he was actually able to get the things done that attract clients.

He was finally able to create his extensive website, send out letters to the HR departments in the vicinity, track and reward frequent referral sources, host a launch party, among other things. All the essential and critical marketing elements to market his business effectively and get more clients.

Just ONE day per week has improved everything for this dental practice.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

What day will you devote to Business Development Only? Once you figure
it out, add it to your calendar for the rest of the year. You’ll be amazed at
how much more you’ll get done, and will start seeing clients come in much
more quickly.

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