Create a List of Credibility Factors to Get More Clients

Sometimes, getting clear on what will give you an added advantage in your positioning in the marketplace has to do with practical things, like Credibility Factors. These are not things you lead with in your marketing materials, but rather things that support your USPs (unique selling proposition) and the specific benefits that you provide clients. This will help you get noticed and get more clients.

What are some Credibility Factors?
You may have written a book on the subject, have specific knowledge or background on something that comes easily to you, created a proprietary system about what you do, become a recognized speaker on the subject, taken yourself out of a certain type of situation quickly, have worked 15 years in a field your competitors haven’t, etc.

Credibility (otherwise known as what makes you different or unique) will help you stand out and differentiate what you do from the competition.
That will help you get noticed and get you clients.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Make a list of all the things that would make someone want to work with YOU that give you credibility. (Sorry, simply being a nice person is not really one of them.)

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  1. Hmmm…this is interesting. I’d like to see what others’ lists as well. Having an adventure figuring how my years in the legal field apply to what I’m doing now!

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