Client Attraction Quote of the Week: To Naturally Attract Clients, Walk Your Talk

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“Not many marketing professionals out there will talk to you about ‘walking your talk’. But if your own image doesn’t portray what you teach, you’re not going to attract a lot of clients fast. To have your image fit what you do, you must live your message fully. This is just as important as your marketing message.”

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  1. This goes for your designs as well as your personal appearance and the look of your office. Make sure that your business cards, marketing materials, ezine, website, blog – really every marketing piece that you have, both online and off – make sure that they all communicate authentically to who you are, what you do and how you help your clients. And, make sure that they are designed and printed in a high-quality way. Your business’s brand is its’ power suit – make sure that it fits perfectly!

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