Client Attraction Quote of the Week: Miracles do happen in Client Attraction

Your capability of achieving really big things is WAY beyond your capacity to imagine them. That being said, you need to do a series of things to set yourself up for something BIG in your life:

1. Prepare – set yourself up, do what it takes to prepare for a miracle
2. Make your wishes known – be super clear about what you want and know that things are being rearranged for you behind the scenes, without you even knowing it
3. Believe – realize that Spirit, the Universe, God (whatever you call it) will always dream a bigger dream for you than you can dream for yourself
4. Surrender – release control. When an opportunity that is so out of the ordinary falls in your lap, surrender the control and say YES
5. Follow the next right thing – Just take action on the next opportunity that feels right when it shows up. Put the fear aside and just do it, with courage.

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