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The Leveraged Business Economy Call

Join Fabienne Fredrickson for one
of the most important
FREE teleseminars you’ll attend this year:
Thursday, March 12, 2009, 8 pm Eastern

“The ONE Thing You Need To Do To
THRIVE In This (or Any) Economy”

Dear Solo-entrepreneur,

Can I get very REAL with you?

I’ve been sitting back, watching the effects of ‘The Economy’ unfold, and although I’ve been mostly ‘unplugged’ from the media, it’s undeniable that SOME businesses are having a difficult time.

At the same time, OTHER businesses are bringing in lots of money, and continue to thrive and do better than they have in the past.

Now, you could do one of two things in the months to come:

1. Curl up in a fetal position, hide under the covers, pull back completely and live in fear and uncertainty, “hoping” for the best

2. Or… you can make the decision, right here and now, that you’re not only going to survive this, but actually THRIVE beyond measure.

Like anything in life, it’s a choice.

******** Here’s the deal though **********

There’s ONE thing you must know and master, to be able to not only survive, but really make a success of yourself this year.

And I’m revealing all of this on a ONE-TIME-ONLY special “Economy” call, happening Thursday, March 12th, at 8pm Eastern (That’s 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific.)

You won’t want to miss the important information I have to share with you. This information alone will likely change the course of your income this year and beyond.

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