Clear the Gunk and Play a Bigger Game

The feedback on my “Play a Bigger Game” training program has been amazing. I’ve received and read all your comments (on email and on my video training page).  So many of them really moved me. Your big vision for your future is coming into focus and so now the question on your mind may be—what’s the next step?

If you’re currently working with 20 or 200 clients, how do you step up your game to start reaching 2000 or 20,000 or 200,000 and beyond? What have you got to do to make it happen?

Let’s start by looking at what you say you want (your conscious thoughts) vs. what you really believe (your subconscious beliefs).  What I know from personal experience and from coaching so many entrepreneurs just like you – is that oftentimes there’s a struggle between the two—and when there’s a struggle on the inside (your mindset), there will always be a struggle on the outside (your marketing).

Let’s suppose for a moment that you say you want to grow your business this year so that you’re working with 2,000 clients. But, if on the sub-conscious level you have beliefs and expectations that don’t support your conscious thoughts, you’ll really struggle to reach that goal—if you’re able to at all. That’s because in the battle between what we think and what we believe, the subconscious always trumps the conscious.

So, you may say that you “want a million dollar business” and think it will happen. But, if deep down you hold perhaps resentment and anger towards people with money – it will never happen. Those resentments may be deep-rooted beliefs about money and the type of people who have it – perhaps from your upbringing as a child and from your parents. If those beliefs still exist today – you’ll never truly believe that you can have a million dollar business. The thought (conscious) and belief (subconscious) have to be in alignment and congruent for this to be true.

The good news is that once you resolve the struggle on the inside, the results you dream about become reality—and quickly too! Come watch my newest video in my How to Play a Bigger Game training program and let me show you how to clear the gunk! Watch the video here.

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