Celebrating one of the most productive (and hysterical!) Platinum Mastermind retreats ever

Woohooo!! Celebrating one of the most productive (and hysterical!) Platinum Mastermind retreats ever. I’m soooo ridiculously proud of this group’s 6-figure and 7-figure income-breakthroughs since the last meeting!

What an awesome week last week! It started off with a bang with my MM5 Platinum members flying in to mastermind on their businesses and work on multiplying their effectiveness. I led a thought-provoking and practical exercise to set them up to double their average per-client-revenue this next year (hint: it’s about who they must BECOME). Lightbulbs were flashing everywhere and they’re going home with the exact plan to do just that. HUGE breakthroughs! And, we also celebrated several of their big income-increases (a second member of MM5 crossed the million-dollar-sales mark with me this year!!) What I love most about this group is their genuine love for each other. They’ve got each other’s back, through thick and thin, and they are some of the warmest, most loving people on the planet. The kind of people you’d beg to have in your Mastermind. I won’t even tell you about the party shenanigans, but let’s just say, it was a funny meeting!

Then, I jetted off to San Diego for the first stop on my multi-city tour called “Millionaire Entrepreneur Mindset Secrets” to teach all-new content on getting out of your own way so you can make a lot more in your business, while serving in a much bigger way (think being of service to 15,000 people as opposed to 15 clients.) Both Californians and entrepreneurs from faraway states flew in for the low-cost, high-content event. It was a big hit and this week, I’m coming to New York City to do the same. I’d love to meet you in person and give you a big hug. Will you rearrange your schedule to join me and bring friends?

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  1. Fabienne! – What an amazing Mastermind week! It was so much fun. The connection was the best ever! So glad to see you following your desire to teach “Mindset”. I wish you outstanding success while you live out your dream of helping others become the best they can be! Hugs – Jeff

  2. The Mastermind group WAS alot of fun! Loved the exercise to help focus on the 2 things we’re REALLY good at! By using my strengths of strategizing & building relationships, I’ve already got a call scheduled with a National Company this week. Can’t wait to help them Simplify, Automate, Grow. Thanks for providing the safe space for us to focus on our business.

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