Celebrating Julia, a doctor with an online business

Have you ever felt like you’re backed into a corner, with nowhere to go? If so, today’s inspiring story about Julia, formerly a one-woman show turned into successful passive income earner, will totally inspire you: 

“I’m no longer answering the phone, I’m not doing email, and I’m still making money. I can go on vacation and make money.” – Dr. Julia Laemmerhirt

Julia is a dermatologist and holistic acne expert from Vienna, Austria. 

She started her journey in the Boldheart Business program a little more than 3 years ago, doing everything herself. But now, she has experienced a total transformation! 

Here’s some of what she proudly shared with several hundred people last November about what it’s been like for her to join our program (watch this and be inspired for your own transformation!): 

“I was a one-woman show in my business. I was seeing patients, doing all the phone calls, emails, everything. And I had a good life, but I wanted more… I couldn’t go on vacation. If I did, I didn’t make money… It was all depending on me.

I had a bigger dream. I wanted to talk less about dermatology and more about holistic healing, lifestyle changes, Ayurveda, self-love, spirituality, all the things that are my real passion.

Within Boldheart, I took this passion and created a program and brought it online.

Now people from all over the world can go through this program. And even my husband said, ‘We have someone from New Zealand doing the course.’

Being in Boldheart means your DNA is going to be changed. All the limiting beliefs, everything.”

Julia had dreamed of hiring a team doctor to work under her and see her patients. But her limiting beliefs kept saying, “No, this is too scary. Clients will leave me. I will lose everything. I cannot find anybody to hire. There is nobody good to hire.”

Other doctors told her, “You won’t find anybody. There’s nobody out there.”

But deep inside, she believed there was a way because our coaches told her there was, and she had witnessed other people within our Boldheart community hire associates to do the work for them so they could successfully get out of the day-to-day of their business and be free again.

After we stretched her thinking of what was possible and lovingly held her accountable, Julia now has two team doctors working under her so that she can make money even when she’s on vacation, while she focuses on growing passive income in her online business.

She’s thrilled about this:

I’m not answering the phone, I’m not doing email, and I’m still making money. I can go on vacation and make money. And this brings me closer to another dream of being ‘location free’ and living in California with my family for a while because I love the sun, I love the beach.

I love Austria, but I want to have something else. And so having this all set up, my practice can run without me one day, and I have a passive income from my online business teaching and talking about things I love, stepping more into my purpose. This is so wonderful.”

Sweet friend, I hope you will help me celebrate Julia in her newfound success since joining us in the program.

Here’s why I’m really proud of her. Julia keeps showing up and following the recipe, as we say here at Boldheart. At first she said, “No, I can’t make that dish.” But then we enthusiastically reassure her, “Yes, you can make this dish. Just follow the recipe. You don’t have to frantically search online. You don’t have to improvise. This is what the recipe looks like when it’s the finished product. And these are the ingredients and these are the steps.

Saying yes to the Boldheart Business program gives you the courage to follow a recipe that already works. And that’s when every dream you have for your business (even the ones you don’t think will ever come to pass) actually comes true.

Now, it’s about you, sweet friend.

Do you feel stuck in your current results?

Let us give you the recipe. Let’s chat about your situation and see if we can help.

book a free call here and talk about what’s not working, what you really want and how we could help. 

It’s time. Let’s talk. 

Go ahead, love. 


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